2-h physical Forcewave Witchblade - "The Unstoppable Force" (Gladiator crucible farmer)

Open/closed ringset will up both oa and da as well as cast speed on this build at the cost of rr and %phys and some res. Toprolled, the set gives 150+8% oa and about 60+8%da (unless you don’t kill anyone for 10 seconds which never happens in Crucible).

I’m not saying it’s better. Just an option to consider for crucible.

I have Forcewave character too, and my conclusions were similar: Judicator Seals are BiS. Matriarch + Coven Storm Seal having totally 10% RR and 180% more phys boost are not even similar to Judicators’ performance.

What do you do when you get a fabius + Iron maiden spawn on same wave? 100% uptime on war cry and they still can get lucky and just burst me 100 to 0. Is there any consumable we could use or something incase we get unlucky to have both spawn on the same wave?

I facetank them, obviously :). Even if there’re 2x Fabius + IM, or Fabius + 2x IM. Sure, i use consumables when things seem to go bad.
Sorry, forgot their exact names, but you can see all them in video in OP. There’re:

  • Lifesteal consumable w/o CD (faction)
  • Aether resist consumable w/o CD (faction)
  • 75% fumble aura consumable (faction) - VS Fabius/IM, it makes wonders!
  • Armour/DA consumable (faction)
  • 75% damage absorb consumable with huge CD (rare drop from Aether clusters) - when things get REALLY the shittiest way.
    And there is an extra “spare” slot for whatever consumable you want to use. I used faction cosumable, that reduces resists, though it isnt really effective, i should admit.

Any tips for Lokarr with this build? I can’t seemingly face tank him like I can triple nemesis bosses :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: Only died once out of 6 or 7 attempts, as many as it took me to farm up the set for an alt. Just had to kite a bit, not stand in tornados and wait on war cry to stand and trade blows, but damn it feels punishing to run away from this guy. My fire is so overcapped and base at 84 and all that fire still destroys me.

I also wanted to ask you, do you rotate your rebuke into your rotation at all? (the active skill on weapon). I know it has a DA debuff associated with it according to the tooltip, so it would make sense to use it…

I didnt tried Lokarr, actually. If you dont have enough %ADCTH to facetank him (and i suspect, you’ll need a LOT VS solo boss) - just kite him, this build CAN perform kiting as well (even though he facetanks most of encounters).
I dont use Rebuke, i found it not worth my time/efforts, nor skillbar slot. It’s a melee ability, and it’s not convenient to use it as (technically) caster build, that uses medium-range abilities. I’d put another useful consumable on my skillbar instead.
And its damage isnt even as bonker as it might look like. With all that nasty “fumble” found in Crucible, all “attack” skills miss every second time.
As for DA debuff, Blitz+Blindside already provide that debuff, with much higher numerical value. Also, that debuf can proc from all weapon hits as well.

Are there any updates for FG? Maybe some of the new devos/gear are an upgrade.

Now testing some new setups, but it would require time. From what i can say now, you might want to put last point into Revenant devotion (since skellies now have 25 resist reduction on hit) and switch to Oleron’s Rage instead of Possession.

After all, i dont think any of new items, or even augments can be worthy for my build… Well, maybe Bysmiel’s faction 2-h weapon augment, but it’s kinda on par with one from AoM.

Maybe new class combo is worth?Ahem,ahem…

I’ll try it, using cheats, but i still think Witchblade is overall better that Warlord (through purely offensively Warlord does look stronger).

All three classes WL,WB and DK are strong and bring something to the table.That’s why I wanted to try Warlord,so we can see how different classes work.Your Witchblade is nice!

Overall, i came to a concludion, that Warlord is also viable, and is even better offensively a bit, but defensively, WB is a bit better due to extra phys and poison resist.
Also i’m able to kill Callagadra even in Ultimate (though it’s boring). Will post a video soon.
A link to video:

What setup were you using? I figured out this today, Gladiator’s distinction belt and second rite for flat phys and trauma damage (and it has a nice granted skill for 2h). A bit less HP, more armor, almost double weapon damage, capped Forcewave, 40% more forcewave damage, other stats similar. It should be able to compete with the warlord version both in offenses and defenses, it looks good on paper at least, I will test it soon.


Since forum was down, i couldnt post my setup.
I will post it soon, in OP too, and update it a bit.

Thank for your setup. I’ll try it too.

Can we get an updated Devotion path for the Forgotten Gods build

I know it’s been some time, but I was thinking about changing my devos to the ones on this guide. Do you have to follow a set order to get the same setup? Because I know sometimes you have to complete temporary constellations for the bonus to reach the final state on some builds.

With the recent changes, I would say this is outdated as well, picking full Scales of Ulcama with the recent buffs (it has an ADCtH node), and Gladiator Distinction belt is very tempting (which convert the proc damage to phys). I think Revenant is not really worth to go for now. However if you want to change, I would recommend to make it first in grimtools, then you will see if you can make it straight away or you have to pick some temporary nodes/constellations.

I thought grimtools let you do things with the devotions that was not possible ingame, guess I was wrong. Hmm, I 100% suck at building devo trees, don’t really know what would be optimal after the update. Guess I’ll have to try out a couple things.

There are the options to the left in Grim Tools, if the “ignore devotion requirements” is NOT checked, then you can only do what is allowed to do in-game. Only important thing to know is that the constellations can sustain themselves. Check what the requirements of the biggest or the medium constellations are and build to them. If the requirements for the 2nd tier are not met, then you have to pick preferaly a 3 point temporary constellation, and remove the points later. Take the biggest constellations last.