2-Handed Elemental Flame of Ignaffar Mage Hunter - ~10min 170 clear

I’d like to dedicate this guide to Marzuk. I FoI’d it up, baby. I FoI’d it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYDL8lZ
YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqakuMctJuc&feature=youtu.be
^Again, because the video recording UI was blocking the minimap, I took about 60 - 90s longer to clear 170. The size of Crucible of the Legion did me no favors either.

To explain the above joke - I convinced marzuk once to switch his S&B purifier to a FoI caster after we found a triple rolled ugdenbog flamestrife.

It was an unmitigated desire. He was not pleased. :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently you need to build AROUND the skill for it to work. My bad, marzuk.


  1. Big weapon for Big damage (52% WD)
  2. ~100% RR
  3. ~2100% elemental damage
  4. Lots of flat damage from 13/12 IEE and 12/12 arcane empowerment.
  5. ZERO energy issues - in fact, harp was only taken for the OA boost.

Pretty obvious from the GT link - damage reduction, nice dodge chance, DA, etc. etc.


  1. Shit OA without deadly aim. <-- I tried to mitigate this by GDstashing a GG rolled wendigo eye medal. A cheaper option would probably be mythical tempest sigil.

Some random thoughts
Because this build uses all 3 elemental types, it’s quite effective against most enemies because monsters tend not to stack absurdly high resists against them.

I have also cleared 170 without the use of a banner. I used it in the video simply because I was curious to see how big a jump its damage output would take. While definitely noticeable, it’s utterly unnecessary.

Devotion pathing
I’m not gonna do it out because I’m busy, but the trick to get harp is to:

  1. Make your way down to attak seru first. This should be relatively easy.
  2. Get viper and panther
  3. Get harp, and leave one point in the blue crossroad.
  4. Spec out of panther, and make your way towards blind sage.

Follow the skill bindings used in the link. It’s the most efficient way of proccing your devotions.

What a creative application of FoI!
Congratulations, bro :slight_smile:

Thanks man. The creative comment means a lot coming from you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Channeling a stream of bricks to the face.

Nice going:p

Thanks fluff! I would actually have done it with a vindicator - what with brute force and more RR, but the OA man. :confused:

Couldn’t find a solution for that.

2H Elemental FoI

Oh maybe a new player with an exotic idea.

10 min 150-170

looks at username

Wtf spanks when did you become this creative? :stuck_out_tongue: congrats on another great build!


^I actually got really curious about this when I did my vindicator but never really did anything about it because I was convinced it wouldn’t work either (a doubt which was further reaffirmed by TomoDak).

But what the hell right? What’s GDstash for? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this truly the best you can do?! :mad:

Alas. If only I were a slith…:stuck_out_tongue:

The likes of you could only dream of slith’s magnificence.

What’s NOT to dream about? Their shiny scales? Their virile mating habits?

It’s literally what I aspire to do with my life - to be the slithiest slith of them all, and finally make my mama proud.

I have been looking for builds to do with my Arcanor blade apart from elemental forcewavers. This looked really dope :slight_smile:

Thanks man! I’m just glad it worked out so well.

P.S. Seeing that you play self-found, just thought I’d mention that this build totally works with the m. tempest sigil medal, or with any random wendigo eye medal which fixes res.

GT link puts a point in overload but not in nullification :smiley:

GTlink is now fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you trying to Ignaffar me again? lol. I’ll check it out.

You should. You won’t be disappointed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome build, looks very fun to play.

Did you level up directly with FoI ?
Can you give us some quick leveling tips (skills leveling order maybe ?), that would be very cool :slight_smile:


Hey man. Unfortunately you can’t level with FoI if only because of the energy consumption. I would level with runes actually. Both hagarrad and kalastor while investing points into aura of censure for RR (resist reduction).

Olexra flash freeze coupled with greater fire blast (a component granted skill) is another fantastic way to go. OFF clears entire trash mobs in normal with a single press of a button, and greater fireblast takes care of the bigger baddies.

Actually. I stand corrected. Maybe with enough into mental alacrity, IEE, and endless flame you might be able to level with it. Still though. I think runes will carry you far in the game.