2 Handed Pure Soldier just looking for some advice

Hi guys,

Currently enjoying GD @ lvl 24 as a pure soldier 2 hander. Going melee just to get a feel for the game.

My main question is Cadence worth any further investment than 1 point with a further 1 point in fighting form?

Forcewave with Rending Force (not sure to invest in Internal Trauma?) + Ground Slam taken from the claw componant seem more than enough to clear most monster easily enough.

Could it be that I’m not feeling much from Cadence since i’m using slower 2 Handed weapons?

Any further advice on a pure Soldier build would be great guys!

Thanks for any feedback :slight_smile:

First of all going pure class you will lack stats in endgame so you better take some support class. If you will decide to go cadence then good support can be shaman with Feral Hunger, Heart of Oak and (if you wish) Wendigo Totem. For forcewave arcanist might be better. Pay attention to the fact that forcewave is a spell actually, so it depends on cast speed not attack speed.

Haven’t try 2H cadence after release yet but read it is kinda ok. But I wouldn’t invest in both cadence and forcewave, pick one of them and max the whole line.


Brute Force alone will give a nice damage boost + Heart of the Wild really will give a great health boost…

Looks like solo class may be limiting me some what!

Is there a way I can see more details on the skill such as seeing that Forcewave is in fact a spell + not an attack?

Thanks for the great advice so far :slight_smile:

Technically forcewave doesn’t require attack speed or cast speed since it has a cooldown. But when you take the transmuter Tremor then it will require cast speed to boost its speed.

What’s actually the point of Tremor? It seems to gimp the skill completly. No damage, no status, no nothing.

Without Tremor it’s 140% weapon damage + stun + other damages, once every 3s.
With Tremor, it’s 70% weapon damage without stun + other damages, 1-2 times per second (based on cast speed) at 1/3 manacost. So 3-6 Forcewaves instead of one.

If you’re going pure soldier, perhaps Occultist with the Curse of Frailty is a nice “splash”. 11 points and you can further reduce enemy resistances to bleed and physical for those bosses.

If you want to focus more on bleed, Shaman with Devouring Swarm is also pretty good; give DS the Rend devotion ability and with enough bleed bonus you can clear trash packs with that alone.

Since both suggestions are spells, it meshes well with trying to get cast speed for forcewave.

Also, put high priority on +1 to skills in soldier items. They’re normally “okay”, but with all your skills being soldier, getting +5 total is a huge boost to both damage and defense.

For 2H there isn’t really much option other than Shaman, unfortunately. The Shaman 2H melee skills like Brute Force, and Feral Hunger are not only great but there’s nothing else to replace them with. Savagery is also really strong. None of the other class trees offer much for 2H Melee.

thats still worse than skills like blade arc though isnt it?

Thanks for all the great feedback so far!

After looking at other post with regard to Warders think I’ll go with Savagery as my single target and with Brute Force + Feral Hunger in support Heart of the wild for the great health boost!

Also still invest in Forcewave purley as I love the range effect of the skill…as for AOE I must admit I really do like Blitz + will combine with Blindside :slight_smile:

So seems investing in the Bull constilation is also a good idea!