[2 Players Only / HC+Vétéran] Looking for builds

Hey guys,

I play with a friend of mine and we made a lot of characters because we only play in hardcore/veteran mode.
Some times ago we stopped playing… But I want to go back and try the two new classes (Necro+inqui) and all the changes that the dev team made to the game.

But… Since I did’nt follow the last patches, and the fact that all the builds I see are for high levels / gladiator 170 and no progress-through-the-game-builds, I wanted to know if some of you guys are still up to help some “newbies”.

We stopped the game just when Inqui+Necro were out, and we found them really unballanced in early game.
Plus, having an army is really… Boring.

So what builds do you guys could recommand for 2 people to go through an hardcore/veteran game AND self-find only. (We don’t have any high level character to farm with)

Thanks for you input.

There are a lot of options and builds you can do. The last character I played survived until Lv 100, it was a Death Knight, so a Soldier / Necromancer build with 2h melee, dealing vitality damage. WPS for left hand and Bone Harvest for right hand. Was pretty fun.

I also play mostly self find, especially on low-mid levels.

But yea if your build does not need to go to Elite / Ultimate, pretty much everything works. If you are afraid of dying, play a more defensive orientated build with enough HP, DA and so on.