2 questions from a newcomer

Hello there, thanks in advance for helping out.

P.S: I’m currently at level 75 as a 2 hander warder using cadence. Not aiming for cutting edge endgame, maybe not even ultimate, i’m merely trying to make good and efficient usage of my abilities, devotions and time :slight_smile:

Current build
Tortoise is merely assigned for xp. Many of the 1 point skills are there temporarily just because it gets boring without many buttons to press.

Question 1 - Restoring (too much?) health
Considering getting Chariot of the Dead (and assign it to a 1 point counter strike) alongside Tree of Life and Behemoth. I’m also using the Salvation relic. But i feel like wasting resources here due to their cooldown overlaps and possible overheals. Would you rather keep the best one among them ?

Question 2 - Is any of the below objectively useless for my build and should be kept at 0 or 1 point ?
If yes, please state why for i am curious already
Fighting Form, Deadly Momentum, Brute Force, Feral Hunger, Upheaval, Heart of the Wild, Oak Skin, Blood Pact

Better if you just upload and share your char via grim tools, “load character from save file”

Updated the link

Heart of the Wild, Oak Skin, Blood Pact should be invested in end of elite start of ultimate to get some res and vitality , depending on your gear.

One point at least. Some more points in oak skin

That is a very defensive setup for not-even-ultimate content. Do you ever get even remotely into trouble?

Not really, but also not really having a problem with the damage. Might be related to the fact i’m still only at elite act 2 :slight_smile:

As long as points are not literally wasted with conflicts or incompatibility, it’s alright for me.

Help is coming!Your OA is low,you need to change it quickly.Greens usually are better then most of the blues for leveling.You need to have 12 points in break morale and take assasin mark,put it on Cadence/Forcewave.Mend your chaos resistance.Your spreading too thin in skill points.Focus on Cadence+support skills,max field command+heart of the wild.Take either Cadence or Forcewave and maxi it.If you select Cadence max DM,if it’s FW,take the Tremor.If you select FW,it doesn’t work with wps,Cadence does.You don’t need healing devotions,life steal is better.Must have-Ulzaad,Hawk,Assain blade.

Look at my physical FW Warlord devotion&Soldier skill distrubution for ideas

Noted. Appreciated.

Yes, uploaded character would be better

thats why its better to tie healing skills not to persistent but to proc skills, ideally health related, or panic buttons like blade spirit. though I do feel you a bit overcompensated for it while missing good stuff like solemn watcher. Maybe tweak it a bit to be more agressive. You missed Assassin blade, which is pretty much must for physical build and should be binded to cadence or other skill you spam as much as possible

Mordrogen pact line is easy one pointer - while its good,with some +shaman you can pull it to decent point. Wendigo totem itself is one pointer easily, while you should 12/12 Blood pact(thats heal!), On health procl is also can be turned one pointer as its only trigger during specific situation. With some +solder stuff you can get it to decent level without points. I’d also maybe nerfed basic cadence as best thing in cadence line is deadly momentum, which you want at least maxed

Wow that’s a lot to digest. Thanks man gonna think on all these things.

Sorry man,I didn’t want to scare you:undecided:

Ok, gonna try to give up on those lovely restorations.

Can you also give some insight if all these are efficient and necessary;
Brute Force, Feral Hunger, Upheaval

Thanks !

Not at all it’s great learning from experience <3