21k dps tooltip at level 26...wat

Anyone else discover the early-game brokenness of dual wielding riftclaw slicers with eye of reckoning? All SSF, no prior character gear, etc, gets up to 30k with ascension on. At level 26. I’d share other character build details, but they’re really not that relevant. O.o

Eye of Reckoning has the highest dps number in the game as far as i know, but that doesn’t actually translate to actual good dps some times.



and lies the most of all skills in the game, specially when dual wielding :grin:


I’m sure the build slaps; but like the others have said, EOR tooltip is misleading. And just dps tooltip in general. I had an EOR warlord that did 450,000 dps. Did it feel like that much? Nope, not really.

My Evoker Windicator? well dps is “only” about ~170k, yet it’s truly bonkers dmg wise, absolutely insane single target.

So just keep that in mind when checking the dps tooltip, it’s at very best a vague generalization of your true dmg.

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oh man, this meme will always be hilarious

All great comments, friends! Without a doubt, the tooltips can’t be trusted, especially getting into late game. But miss not the real point! This early on a ssf fresh file, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the kind of damage output the dual riftslicer eor is putting out. Cronley down to 1/3 hp remaining at level 23 ssf before his first shield? I don’t how many builds I’ve made in this game over the years, but that’s the closest I’ve gotten to the pre-shield kill so early. As far as the accuracy goes, yeah. It’s not accurate. But in early game seems not too bad, either. at level 35, base dps says ~46k, ravna’s second form had ~96k hp, and it took a very scientific count to two or so to kill. which is only to say at least at this stage it’s the right ballpark, and yeah, lots of other stuff was proccing too, so I know, excellent experimental design, but again, the point is really just I’m surprised at the massive damage output so early, sort of regardless of the technicality of whatever the actual dps number is…

There are some MIs that completely destroy early game, Bonespike being one of them.


riftclaw slicers are definitely nuts early game, also even if tooltip lies
conversion and specially the flat dmg added just adds a tonnage of raw dmg especially early game enemies can’t deal with