2H Acid Retaliation Sentinel Help

Hey folks,

Edit 3: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDzYe12

EoR wasnt a good idea. Swapped out helm and medal, added rumor to RF

Edit 2: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZw6bzJV

How does this look? I went with EoR over RF (not sure if thats a good idea but it seems less dependent upon AS. Also its about 3100 DA with >15k health now.

Edit per feedback: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRoJR9N

Please critique this. I’m relatively new to GD and this is my first non-guide build, maybe its a little hipster haha.


I’m struggling with resistances, and it looks like the OA may be a little low.



There’s a post about build making which I use as a reference about how much OA,DA, damage, etc. is enough for a good build:

It was posted one years ago and is about crucible which I actually don’t play, but I think the numbers (and the analysis on how the numbers are obtained) still serves as a good reference.

As for your build, I’m not a veteran but I’m still quite sure that your HP and DA is too low, you might even find it hard to farm skeleton dungeons with such defence. For OA just get 12/12 Presence of Virtue.

Aether and Chaos resists are also not capped, if you find it hard to cap them by tweaking augments and components, then you may want to change some gears just for resists (and HP/DA). The +% acid damage is already high enough, scarifying a little bit of it won’t hurt too much. BTW the augment you use for amulet is for pets.

I’m not familiar with the build you are aiming for, is it an acid RF retal build? If yes then the devotion seems more or less mismatched, I think a retal build should at least get Messenger?

2H melee with 9k health and 115% attack speed. Not gonna work

Thanks! I have no idea how to get the OA/DA up as high as your guide suggests though. Please take a look at what I changed and let me know what you think. Thanks!!

DA probably needs to be 2700ish for MC. To avoid crits. Generally you look towards 3k for an easier time - but that’s only for a few things that reduce your DA. There are also consumables that can be used at those critical times.

Unfortunately with non-shield retaliation builds, you can’t really profit off on-block heals. So you probably want to look at regen and wpn damage leech/procs.

Some ways to get OA is to reduce the enemy DA (basically same effect). Similarly you can get higher DA by reducing enemy OA…but it’s generally safer to have a minimum DA where you don’t have to actively do this all the time.

And if you are concentrating on retaliation damage, then you probably want to push %retaliation bonuses as high as possible. % type bonus works for only non-retaliation and %retaliation only works for retaliation.

This particular 2H sword has no bonus attack speed and thus is really slow, so if you are keen on auto-attack being the focus, you might want to look at grabbing as many attack speed options as you can (gear, devotions, components) in order to maximize that damage. Consecration investment can help.

Here’s an example of more focus on the %retaliation as the damage source: 2H acid retaliaton sentinel

This is just the way I’d approach this with more focus on the retaliation damage and the associated skills/items/devotions:

  • Resistances are indeed hard to overcap. Righteous Ferver’s Consecration can provide some extra while charges exist, but sometimes it will not be up. It’s an option.

  • The helmet complements the sword to almost convert all elemental (mostly fire) to acid.

  • Judgement’s Crushing verdict node has -290DA, which helps OA.

  • Since OA can be ~3k for a bit, I’ve decided to go Divine Mandate for some lucky shots (and I already convert + reasonable acid damage). This is not necessarily optimal.

  • Note this build has a couple of blank green items, so maybe you get lucky and find useful affixes to help OA/DA/resistances, etc. I am reluctant to define those as I do self-found. If not, then you just pick some. I suppose those could be replaced with non-MI items - those are probably what I’d grind for.

  • When both Messenger of War and Phoenix Fire are active, %retaliation ~2K ( when not 1.6K for reasonable damage.)

  • I put Oleron’s Blood on the sword more for the damage reduction against hard targets but that could be haunted steel for better leech or something else, depending.

  • I suspect that this example build should not go with the transmuter on RF…due to all the converted fire retaliaton…but ithe numbers are probably close, though.

Sometimes it is hard to grab enough retaliation and non-retaliation skills/devotions/gear to make a hybrid. These compromises are what makes it a challenge.

also don’t forget to look though blue items. There is a medal with 100OA (Heretic Sigil), that could be useful to get some OA and various other interesting gear. Gear is a really big part of finding these numbers.

Interesting thank you! I guess I see so many “no green” builds I figured that was the goal, but its probably more for easy standardization than effectiveness.

Has there been any theory crafting on the balance of retaliation / non-ret damage for hybrid weapons like this and hellborne? Both of them look interesting.

Actually you can easily get 15% attack speed from 12/12 Solael’s Witchfire and also 13/12 Consecration gives 13%. 150%ish AS is still not so good but should be far better than 130%ish at least.

Looks like you’re building me a leveling guide :heartbeat:

??? /10 chars

Your in work acid retal sent (focused on aegis but that’s respecable)

ah!!! yeah its my old guide that I am soon done with re-formatting :slight_smile:
I had a blast with that char, would definitely play it again!

What’s your take on EoR over RF for the 2h?

you mean like 2H acid EoR?

Correct. See Edit #2 above

no idea, is there even items that supports it?

No, most of the damage will be the bonus/converted reckoning, but it may solve the AS problem inbetween reckonings every 3 secs? Probably smart to go back to RF since it is bonused. Although EoR frees up all the WPS points.

*judgment not reckoning

so how are you planning to convert the damage on EoR, with path of tree alone?

No, the sword provides most of the conversion and the helm helps with the elemental. As well as the ammy etc.