2H Avenger Warder

Callagadra kill 2m20s

Mogdrogen kill 2m20s

Ravager kill 1m55s

SR 75~76

Grimtools Celestial setting

Grimtools SR

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alright i’m too curious so i have to ask
doesn’t Bladetwister conversion hurt more than the gain from RR? - like it’s “a lot” of armor bypass + trauma being lost on savagery and upheaval right?
(since elemental conversion happens before lightning)

Selected to make savagery level 24 or higher & Warder is a class with less RR

It is recommended that the conversion be as close to 20% as possible

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Sick build! I just love savagery

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Very nice take on Avenger warder! Is the points spent in upheaval worth it? you have so high WPS chance that you will see upheaval proc once in a blue moon. Maybe getting Mogdrogens pact up higher to get better return of that flat physical damage (helps it push it over the armor limit easier) Also storm touch you can get to AS breakpoint 17/12

something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQyq6RN

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