2h Bleed Warder - Savagery or Candence?

Hi there,

what do you think what skill is better?
I want to build a warder with bleeding main damage, second physical.
My plan is to use transmuted blade arc, devouring swarm and grasping vines
with devotions like falcon, huntress and mogdrogen.
My question is which skill does fit better for a 2h bleed build:
Savagery or Cadence for LMB main attack?

Equipment seems to be better for savagery using…

While cadence looks good on paper it’s harder to itemize and harder on OA. Savagery is just more comfortable.

I’ve posted a bleed Witchblade and it works very well. Both can work really if you can swing the OA. you just need good RR and BA

I did build a S&B Bleed Warder (guess it wouldn’t be too different)

Savagery as LMB and Blade Arc as a Nuke with CD

One time I also was interested in this question, so I put together two identical builds, one for savagery, the second on cadence.

The result was (suddenly) are the same (~600K per tick), cadence is even slightly faster gaining “power”.

Definitely Savagery. You get plenty of bonuses to it from the Bloodrager set, more OA, DA, health regen, and physical res, and now that Feral Hunger is so good for bleed builds it’s worth having Savagery to boost the damage of Feral Hunger (and Upheaval to a lesser extent).

Could someone post a grimtool’s link for a bleed warder? I am testing something close to this , the health bar doesn’t almost move but the killing speed is kinda slow… maybe this setup is too defensive?

Well, I don´t play a Warder ( but Trickster) but for Bleeding you need more Crit imho.

If you want, I can give you my Grimtool-Link for Shaman and some Devotions (it´s for DW, but nonetheless).

I have no idea if this is good or not as I am in the process of figuring it out atm.

But here you go: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVW9YRJN

EDIT: Just got confirmation reptilian resilience doesn’t generate on boots (grim tools is wrong), so 2nd best bet would probably be cabalist affix.

Sure, why not :slight_smile: it could help even others.

This looks really really cool. I would love to try it out, but unfortunately i miss almost every piece of the equipment… wish me good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, those greens are going to take trading/cheating for %90 of players. Won’t argue that. But I will say that I ran up another bleed warder (Drizzto s&b version) in trash gear back before AoM release and it was very smooth even without twink gear. It’s a sturdy mastery combo and not hard to play or enjoy.

Good luck!

Changed a little bit in the devotions: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk1lLQV

Mogdrogen is really nice for Bleeding.


I have been running this Warder. The damage is top notch. It struggles a little bit when surrounded by large packs of enemies (due to the lack of 360° AoE), but it otherwise dispatches them quickly.

I like that.

EDIT: How are you making the devotions stretch to mog wolf?

EDIT: Nevermind. Missed the quill.

I don’t understand why you are using Acid Spray with Judicator’s Seals rings. Also why not invest some points in Soldier’s WPS?

Why not?

It’s still a substantial amount of extra rr and there’s nothing special we can do with those 5 points. Soldier WPS don’t really do you a ton of good here, no good at all without a decent investment and the points seem ~optimally spent to me

Think I am going to roll with this


Thanks for the WAY easier gearing, Kidpid.

(Is Warcry that big a deal, really?)

Is this softcore? 2H Bleed Melee without Warcry + Primal Bond? Seems kinda squishy other than decent HP.

Did they nerf ultimate difficulty that much that Damage Absorption % isn’t needed anymore? ( B31 was when I played hard out, came back for EXP )

Well, you have same kind of RR from the ring, Acid Spray is just 14 extra flat RR which is miniscule given that we invest 5 devotions points in it. With 5 free devotion points we can do a whole new devotion that will actually add some utility to our build or just some raw damage.

So maybe I am not understanding something about how wps works with Savagery, but in my opinion having 3 very strong WPS which damage is multiplied by Savagery is better than having just one WPS (Feral Hunger) which is slightly stronger when full overcapped versus when it’s at 14/10. So just by moving few points that add little value (like overcapping Heart of the Wild, diminishing returns after 10/10) we can have 75% of WPS instead of 25% of WPS.


I am also wondering if Seal of Blades is better here than Bloody Whetstone. Like having two nukes is too much when you have an extremely strong auto-attack skill with huge amount of WPS.

Not sure if this is to me asking about warcry or just in general. I actually started with Seal of Blades WAY back when I was first putting this dude together but got talked out of it by 2 players I consider much more knowledgeable than me. Guess I could try it and report back.

I’ll try out the WPS too and see how it works. Originally I was pushing hard for health but that was back when this build was closer to 22k so it won’t be a big deal to drop them and see.

I’ll let you guys know.

Why would you need that much hp? Are you planning on facetanking Grava’Thul or something? Imo 15k hp is more than enough for soldier based shieldless builds, especially when you have a circuit breaker and a totem and tonns of leech. And it’s not like you have to be engaged all the time with the dot char, no?