2H Conjurer Savagery Vit Build 2.0

While waiting for some more set drops I picked up a couple of decent greens and reworked my devs (Korvaak AND Dying God, thanks Tweedle Dee!).

Energy isn’t as much of a problem with the new chest piece so I beefed up Dev Swarm as well. So far, so good.

3100 OA/2750 DA (non-proc) buffed, no sets, not too bad.

Going to run some Crucibles to test it out.

Going to run with this until the drops start coming for the other builds you guys threw at me. Thanks for all of the help, and keep on coming with assistance if you have it!



Edit: Fire resist is 79 and DA isn’t quite that high on my char sheet.

2nd Edit: With procs around 3300/2900 OA/DA