2h Elementalist (Quasar)

Firstly, I play the game with a gamepad so I like my builds to NOT require too many skills. I wanted a strong lightning character that would be proficient in both ranged and melee for when things inevitably get in my face and I don’t have room to run. This character is not 100% complete, I am still trying to acquire mythical light’s defender epaulet’s. And if possible, some level 94 legendary jewelry.

Well, as you can see, this is primarily a ranged primal strike build. I have also chosen, grasping vines, storm totem, wendigo totem and Wind Devil for extra RR (thx for the suggestion). I have Arcane Bomb attached to primal strike and Ultos’s Hand attached to Grasping Vines. This build gives me great dps, crowd control and decent defense + healing from Wendigo. I love being able to slow and immobilize my foes while laying down heavy damage. I also find I can survive most bosses but I still get demolished by a couple of types which is fine for me. I don’t think it would be fun to be able to tank through everything and that’s not how this char build was intended either.

Note: I do switch to melee occasionally when I feel the need for a little more DPS while surrounded.

Please feel free to comment as I am open to suggestions.



first off id say utilize wind devil for that one button more. I play with a gamepad too sometimes but for this build you need the resistance reduction from the second skill of wind devil max that one out it helps a lot and put it on a easy button

I personally would run my skills like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV16wxPZ

I didn’t change devotions, because I thought that might be preferences. You didn’t pick Elemental Storm, so I picked Agonizing Flames in Blackwater Cocktail line. Capped to 15 and 14 Wendigo Totem and Blast shield, respectively, because I thought you might be playing Crucible, just by taking a look on the devotions. I am not a Primal Strike expert, but I think it’d need a boost in your gear if you want to focus on it. At least +6 overcap to the line would be okay, but most people say Torrent is a must if you want to focus on PS, so 22 points in that would not only make you stronger, but would produce more juice while striking your foes (enemies die fast as fuck). As much as Thermite Mines are kind of trashy, they still provide RR and rather must be added, Wind Devil is a must for the RR too.

Last thing, Feral Hunger and Upheaval are just not gonna do anything at all as you use a casting spell, not a auto attack replacer.

I’ve actually handled this with my devotions, I have Widow as well as Viper and the two combined provide quite a bit of Resist Reduction. Viper is -20% elemental and my Arcane Bomb at 12/20 provides -68 Offensive Ability and -27% lightning resist. By the time I max it out, it should be plenty. Also, by doing this…I free up points to be more targeted into pumping up singular skills instead of spreading less points around in order to have more active skills.

Hmm, this is something I wasn’t sure about. This would mean I have a lot of wasted points which is good because this actually would give me a reason to pick up wind devil (even though I don’t seem to need it).

My current buffed DPS is over 90k ranged and over 100k melee. The Feral Hunger actually does do something though. It triggers Hand of Ultos and I know it works because it has gone to max level this way. I will probably leave one point in it just to trigger it. I tried wind devil before and didn’t care for it which is why it wasn’t in my build. To be honest, I don’t like storm totem, that much, either as it is underwhelming. I’ll find something to do with the points and update the grimtools link.

You do not have to use celestial powers for them to level up. So long as they are bound to something, they will gather experience whether they are used or not.

Primal Strike cannot trigger Feral Hunger at all. It says on the tooltip description for Thunderous Strike itself - “Thunderous Strike is not a default weapon attack replacer and cannot trigger effects such as Feral Hunger”. This also applies for Upheaval as it and Feral Hunger are the same type of ability (Weapon Pool Skill or WPS).

I tried wind devil before and didn’t care for it which is why it wasn’t in my build.

You want Wind Devil for the modifier Raging Tempest. It provides resist reduction which your build lacked before (Thermite Mine also provides this as well and it stacks with Wind Devil).

Resist reduction acts as a damage multiplier, furthermore it means that enemies that are heavily resistant to your damage are easier to deal with (such as Lightning Heroes/Bosses).

I have changed some things but I still don’t want nor do I feel the real need for wind devil. I have -20% Elemental from viper, -25% Elemental from hand of Ultos (now bound to grasping vines) and -27% Lightning from arcane bomb (which currently isn’t fully leveled up). Grimtools link updated with changes.

Viper and Ultos are the “x% Reduced” type of resist reduction which does not stack with itself and is multiplicative - IE weak vs enemies with a low absolute value of resistance. It is also the second type of resist reduction applied (after “-x%”), as I believe someone discovered recently, meaning it needs both a very high resistance enemy and Arcane Bomb not active vs that enemy to give the full value.

If topicstarter is fine with his setup and does not want to listen to advices from more experienced people, there is no need to spend time and to try to persuade him for something else.

He completes AoM Ultimate, will try to do Crucible (if he has it), Mog/Ravager/secret quests - gets evaporated by bosses and then returns to forum for advices.

If above is not of interest, then i think even his build can clear ultimate and all Nemesis without much trouble.

Actually, I did listen to their comments…Just hadn’t had a chance to post as it was late. So I ran a test just to see the difference and the “more experienced guys” were absolutely right and I was incorrect. There seems to be some stacking going on when Wind Devil is used in addition to what I already have going. Testing on the Dummy targets…I can get approx 70k crits (give or take a little) but with Wind Devil I see an additional 20 to even 30k (absolute max so far). Which nearly matches the -35% additional reduction listed in the tool tip. Therefore I just left it in my build and I will update the Grim Tools link again. As far as the Nemesis/Crucible comment. I have only fought two of them so far and one I killed but it admittedly took longer than I would have liked. The Second is the Ravager…I don’t think I could win that particular fight no matter what I did to my guy. I think I’d have to roll a Warder in order to beat that thing. Or maybe gimp my damage to get a crap ton of defenses of all sorts. But that isn’t what I want this particular character to be. This guy is meant to be similar to a Ranger in most MMO games. do as much damage as possible from range and switch to melee if surrounded then take flight once there is an opening. He’s actually had to be a little more Tanky than I would like because some of the monsters burst dmg is so high.

I don’t have the Crucible content and don’t plan on getting it as I will be waiting for Forgotten Gods. Which is supposed to come in only a couple of months now.

So…all of your comments did NOT go unheard…thanks!

If anyone does have Ravager tips/tactics (without having to totally change my character) I’m all ears.