[2H Melee] [] Warder Crucible 6:30 SR 85+

[2H Melee] [] Warder

  • Damage: Physical
  • Active Skills: Primal Strike, Grasping Vines, War Cry
  • Passive Skills: Field Command, Primal Bond, Mogdrogen’s Pact

My phys Warder is a beast
Can’t believe how good he is
Lightning fast, and strong, and sturdy
Any fight is a mass murder
Taste my Crusher, bleed and Vines
Watch your pants fall of, don’t cry
All the toxic barking fails
Cause my Warder will prevail
He’s my first, beloved boi
And the third, and fifth, and on…
So let’s drink to celebrate
Pour a glass of beer, mates!
Onle love, Zantai, no hate!
Btw, you saw my late?
My phys Warder is a beast
Can’t believe how good he is
Lightning fast, and strong, and sturdy…
Autor: @mad_lee translate to English @banana_peel
Hello My Friends!

I want to introduce you to my build, which I have been pulling since the time of Malmouth. He experienced a lot, ups and downs.

At the moment, the build drags 85th Shard without death

Shatered Realm 90
This frame was shot on a professional Ultra HD 4K Full HD camera. One of the best, specially invited photographer :fist:
Crucible 6:30

unpretentious in pumping and lives on what he picks up.
Strong and reliable as a wall.
Thank you so much for helping the Safarel community discord. Special thanks to @mad_lee @romanN1 @banana_peel @Firozo


Your warder’s will to live is much too strong!


most importantly we are alive :joy:


I want to level this build, I was wondering you got any tips in particular to help leveling ? Should I level up without the conversion ? how does it work ? Also, any helpful rares to level with ?

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yes, everything’s about pumping everything simple: you start downloading the Shaman. you play on the primal strike, rocking the skill to the stop, you reach the ultimate, pump it to the maximum. Then you swing the soldier, priority is the field commander. You download the rest as you wish. It’s easy to find Cesarin’s sword in weapons (there is convert of lightning in physics) By the stars: you immediately download the grimtuls to physics. The primal stike, a good skill, even without an envelope until the 94th you roll without problems

Lightning fast, and strong, and sturdy…


Very Thanks :heart:

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Loving this build!
Incredibly sturdy and able to smash through almost everything… just got to watch out for those reflective mobs :wink:

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according to talent calc, you are putting all attribute points in cunning? Just want to confirm. Thanks for the build!

That’s whyScreenshot_20200829-023531_Chrome


yes, all in cunning. Soon there will be an assembly of physical Primal Strike on the Conjurer :wink:

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Отличная сборка, спасибо за твои старания!

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Я долго над ней работал. Кожура есть пока в кальке, но она гораздо мощнее будет

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Понятно, вопрос следующий имеется - рейтузы одел ради сопротивления блокировке? если да, то можешь ли пояснить, заранее благодарен.

Рейтузы можно заменить спокойно на Штанцы Солаэля с более полезными статими)

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Понял, спасибо.