[2H Melee] [] Physical Forcewave Warlord Build SR90+ Superbosses


I hope my Video can be helpful. Too many YT Grim dawn build “guides” are only some gameplay coupled with a Grimtools link. With my explanation I hope that you can understand why I chose the Items and Skills, so you are not just copy pasting a build, were you will feel confused and awkward not knowing whats going on.

My take on a physical Forcewave Build using the Warlord Class combo. It can run SR90+ without much problems. And as you will see you can even facetank Mogdrogen and Ravager the whole time.
I made it really tanky without sacrificing too much damage. It will also be a Build that you can play early on, so its really great for leveling.

Out of Combat stats with buffs up:
stats out of combat1

In Combat:
in fight stats`1

I did Mogdrogen and Ravager with him, Facetanked the whole fight:

Grimtools: Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator


small note
War Cry’s Terrify and Break Morale RR doesn’t stack
neither does War Cry’s Damage Reduct and Light of Empyrion’s DMG reduct


@ CheeserYT
Hi. Just trying to make a character with this build.
I farm Carraxus Foul for getting the belt and I think I’ve seen all Ugdenbog’s belts but this one.
Do I do smth wrong? Maybe they fixed the belt or smth?
v1.1.9.8. Sorry if the topic wrong to ask.

it’s RNG, and getting a double rare is extremely hard, not sure why build uses 3 of them, it’s super low chance to obtain

looks like the setup only requires the poison res from belt, *assuming the other items are teh same, which means any resist affix that covers your res will do, then +phys dmg affix is just bonus

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You should farm the vendor in Ancient grove, it’s much more faster. Plenty other MIs too.

This is a fantastic build. I tried a few others and none are as easy to play (for as someone as non-skilled as me, at least) or as satisfying. I found the build actually works better if you use a -3 second cooldown war cry helm, max war cry and break morale (to the extent you can) and drop Emyrion for more damage devotions (I took sceptre and azraaka and sceptre). Empyrion becomes pretty much superfluous with war cry and break morale up 100%. Even with no double rares, if you have a good belt and amulet this build can jump into big groups of mobs in SR85+ and survive (not all the time, but most of the time) and can face tank almost every SR boss 1 on 1 through SR 90 if you are quick to rebuff upon nullify. I couldn’t take down Kubracabra on SR 91, but maybe someone better than me could.

Base damage with permabuffs is over 220k, with over 3000 offense, almost 3000 defensem, and well over 4000 armor. I almost but not quite could facetank ravager of souls (and maybe it could be done with the right pharma rotation), so I imagine the other ravagers are a piece of cake.

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top20 thread has a version too, you can always compare it to yours and see if it has useful tweaks for you

thanks for the answer.

I didn’t know that. Works quite counterintuitively. While playing I had no idea they didn’t stack because the game doesn’t say so. Where can i learn more about how it works and maybe there are other sources where i can learn about such non-obvious mechanics?
Thanks for your answers Gnomish, very helpful.

the RR/debuff mechanics have been fairly fleshed out for a while
general debuff rules (applies to more than just RR)
A: -%(minus symbol, important) stacks infinitely from different sources
B: %reduced, you get 1, highest applies (no minus symbol)
C: “flat”/n’th reduced, you get 1, highest applies
a+b+c goes together
^above rule apply to other debuffs too
like ex OA or DA shred

*for some reason the author decided to “reverse” the naming order, despite the application order being highlighted in the thread linked, because in terms of coding math formula something something something, but ingame/“manually” it’s the way shown above

as for other interactions there are these

*keep in mind some of this will be outdated now as game has had a few mechanic updates like fixing armour bypass

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many thanks!