2H melee (u) dif. and glad crucible build - is it real?

Hi. Want to find some nice pure melee brutal 2h build (in addition to Ultos lighning dmg build). It is possible?

Thanks GD comminity for quick reply (no), found build.

I have problems with glad crucible even as 1-h+shield Witchblade, with 16.5k HP and many overcapped resists (though even they arent enough VS enemy resistance reductions, sometimes). I mean, i’ve beaten glad crucible many times, but i still die from time to time.
From my own experience, farming Glad crucible isnt worth it, imo. Enemies are much tougher, hit very hard, and rewards are almost the same than on Challenger’s difficulty.

i don’t blame people for trying though. seems to be the only source of legendary set helms in the game through crafting. i really wish the devs change this. :cry:

I don’t understand why a part of a set is exclusive only to the DLC. If they wanted content rewards they could’ve made a soul-bound Legendary Item that had fairly OP stats (+all skills/resists/stat/ or a powerful proc) with a very small chance to drop. Or drop after a certain number of gladiator completions.

there are exactly 0 items set or otherwise that are exclusive to the crucible

I found 95% of my Legendarys (including every Blueprint) without playing Crucible. :wink:

Still, if you can reliably farm at least Challenger difficulty, it’s the best source of Blueprints.

Definately! There’s not doubt about it and Challenger is easy to farm for a lot of builds. Just wanted to say, it’s not a must for gathering Blueprints.