2H Ranged Bleeding Conjurer

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Hello everybody. This is my first build post. I was planning to submit it to the build compendium, but I need more testing in singleplayer, as this build was originally created to play in multiplayer and buff my friend. Playing alongside a Warder tank, this build proved very interesting; the Warder would do more initial damage, so the monsters would aggro on the Warder. However, a few moments later, the bleeds would stack up and the mobs would aggro on the Conjurer, but would bleed to death along the way. That is, assuming they have enough HP to last more than a second. I tweaked it for singleplayer at some point, and I have killed Avatar of Mogdrogen at level 64 with this build (Normal Difficulty), then I proceeded north and killed the Mad Queen only a few minutes later. In Ultimate, Dravis took only a few seconds to take down. Father Kymon went down just as easily. I’m pretty noob at this game, but this build allowed me to kill any boss I wasnt able to kill on my previous runs, so it must be worth something and it’s why I’m posting it here.

This build came to my mind when I was viewing the new weapons added by Forgotten Gods, and noticed the Sangvinar. Anyway, the idea is to stack up as much as bleeding RR as possible. With a quick math; -50% from CoF, -43% from DS, -32% from Rend, which ends me up with -125% bleeding resistance. If you use Huntsman, you can end up with -155%, or -145% if you use Sangvinar. Now that I am done with my personal rambling, I can share the details.

Credits to Xervous and Snowmanplayer123, for getting my devos straight, and other small tweaks along the way.
[Bleeding] [] (g4) 2H Bleeding Ranged Conjurer

  • Damage: Bleeding, and small amounts of Physical and Trauma
  • Active skills: Savagery, Curse of Frailty, Devouring Swarm, Grasping Vines, Blood of Dreeg, Wendigo Totem, Decapitate (using second weapon)
  • Passive skills: Pact of Mogdrogen, Primal Bond, Presence of Might,
  • WPS Skills: Feral Hunger, Direwolf Claw, Upheaval


  • 41% Physical Resistance.
  • 125% RR (can go above easily).
  • Very high attack speed, can be boosted further with Solaels Witchfire.
  • Ranged.
  • Extremely versatile; can swap to melee and continue rocking, all gear can be swapped for personal taste, and has three alternative epic weapons (Sangvinar, Huntsman, Scarlet Marksman), this build doesnt even need legendaries or epics until endgame.
  • Ridiculous amount of crowd control thanks to Grasping Vines and CoF.


  • Semi-piano build, requires some buttons to be pressed.
  • Somewhat volatile, damage can stack up very quickly, or very slowly. I had several fights which I expected to last 2-3 seconds, and ended up lasting over 20 seconds.
  • 15-30 seconds of bleeding damage means reflected damage can be deadly at any level. Needs bleeding resistance early which can be hard to come by.

Grimtools: Rectal Bleeding

I would really much like to hear your opinions on this build, and ideas on how to improve it. Also, if anyone decides to play it, please tell me how it goes.

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Well, I changed a few things, it´s definitely not perfect, but have a look: Changes made.

You went for a lot of +Bleeding Damage but your OA is kind of low. And you want to crit because of Bloodrage. So I took another route and changed a few skills, augments, components.
I added Bloody Pox/Wasting for OA shred. Now you have 400 OA shred (which results in about 3.000 DA).