2H ranged Commando which skills are a must?

Hi guys,

Going to give a 2H ranged Commando a go. Going to emphasis tankiness in this build but I’m still pretty new to GD.

So which skill are a must for such a character?

Primary attack I’m going to go for fire strike but which of its associated passive should I invest in? All?

Also which AOE skill is best to select from the Demolistionist class as there are quite a few!

As for the soldier skill’s - will war cry with Terrify be a good “escape” skill?

Thanks for all feed back guys :slight_smile:

All except Brimstone, that’s for a different build. No point taking AOE skills unless you really want to, at which point Grenado is pretty good.

War Cry with Terrify is amazing for 2H Ranged Commando, but Terrify is not mandatory. With appropriate flash bang usage and kiting you can make do.

Yeah flash bang is really effective actually! Is flash bang worth maxing along with searing light?