2h Ranged Warder Build Feedback

Hi, noob/returning player here…

Was looking for a build that utilized range 2h weapons, but had some survivability, and found that Warder builds popped up as potential electric/elemental or physical/bleed 2h builds. I went with the latter route.

Comparing and contrasting other peoples builds, I ended up with a build like this:

Please Note: Only the Class & Devotion are filled out, as I sorta wanna go in and work with gear I find playing the game, and focus on endgame gear once I get more situated.
As for the Attributes, I’ve read mixed things, as some say to just dump everything into Physique and have gear fill out the rest, while others suggest it’s not as important anymore to 100% Physique, and can put your points into a mix of them. So I’m left ¯\__(ツ)_/¯

Going back on the Build though is to focus on bleed/physical as well as have life regen and some dmg%>hp to keep my character alive if things get tough. Savagery as the main attack, with Devouring Swarm as a sorta bleed/heal. Also added the use of Briarthorn as a pet to help with more bleed/dmg and to (hopefully) keep some aggro off me.
I heavily considered using Cadence over Savagery, but I’m unsure if it’d of been better, due to the focus on bleeds.

I also opted out to not use Soldiers Warcry, as (from what I read from other builds) it’s not really necessary in builds like mine, and I felt that the taunt that Warcry gives would counteract the taunt/aggro/threat my pet would offer.

As stated; I’m fairly nooby when it comes to to this game, as the only other experience I have is when I played as a Commando a few years back with friends. (no build that time, just chose what looked good)
So any tips advice/feedback on any part of the build is greatly appreciated.

Please be gentle ^^;

Hmm. If you’re going for bleeding damage (note: it’s important to focus only on 1 damage type), I suggest taking M. Gutripper (2h gun) or (more wise choice) Rancor or M. Guillotine. Armor - Bloodrager.
Also, Devouring swarm must be overcapped as much as possible cuz Undead are extremely resistant to bleed (118%).
Savagery is overall better than Cadence.
No need to take a Briarthorn cuz it will die in seconds and won’t help any way. Invest these points into Storm Touched, Grasping Vines, Menhir’s Will, Fighting Spirit, Blitz for fast moving, invest in Decorated Soldier and Battle Scars, don’t take Markovian’s Advantage.
Also, check the build Compendium for bleeding warder. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for all the suggestions! :smiley:
In regards to Briarthorn; Are pets really that weak? From what I understood; Pets (in general) are viable, but have to be spec’d into in order for them to shine.

Will take a look at the other suggestions you’ve made and see how they may fit in my build/playstyle.

Edit: Also for things like Menhir’s Will, doesn’t that only work for 2h melee or shield?
Since I plan on using ranged 2h, isn’t Menhir’s Will essentially useless to me?

Pets are almost useless unless you focus purely on them.
And yes, I always forget MW works only with shield/2h melee.

i agree with afanasenkov26 but my advice is not to make a bleed build rather make a primal strike/savagery build with a sparkthrower other than that you have to max skills that support lightning and flat lightning like brute force. But why i recommend this is because there is much more nice stuff for lightning builds easy to get and you’d be going through the content much faster i think. (or easier)

also i like to put a point in wendigo totem and bloodpact for some extra lifesteal. Bloodpact is basically always up if you play it right (although its better for melee than ranged i would still take it)


Quick and Dirty Gutripper Warder: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWOEQGV

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blitz doesnt work with gunz. and 1 point in bloodpact would bring it to 7. Other than that it looks nice.

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Blitz was only as proccer for Mogdrogen, but surely can be put elsewhere.

For example in Blood Pact. :wink:

And now with Mythical Chausses of Barbaros. :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, I decided to forego bleed alltogether, as (it seems) hard to find proper gear to spec into.
Like I said in my original post; I don’t really want to heavy farm set gears until I move later in the game with my character (like going in a lil blind on gear as it feels more fun (imo)).
And since I won’t be bothering with briarthorn, the electric/crit exclusive skill seems much better too.

Thanks for all the feedback, cheers!