2H Ranged Weapon Shaman... Help?

Hey guys… so I started playing the game as a solider, got to 25, ran into the gun guys in the new area and realised I wanted to be doing that. So I restarted as a 2H gun character and went a shaman for primal strike.

Currently using primal strike as my main attack and I’ve picked some supplementary passives for energy regen to keep it up as well as the first shaman pet.

Cleaning up so far and enjoying it, but really unsure how I take this build forward.

So firstly, is this viable, and what else should I be pushing for in the shaman tree, should primal strike be my primary attack?

Secondly, what are good options as a second class? I haven’t chosen yet.

Thank you all!!!

From my experience, 2H ranged won’t work in the long run.

there is a ranged primal strike build guide somewhere in these forums. I can’t post links, since this is my first post but just type in the following into google:
“Ranged Primal Strike for Dummies” and you should find it as the first hit.

Pretty neat and to-the-point-guide (and also viable as far as i can tell). Tried it to lvl 40 veteran so far and it works pretty well.

Ulda’jax, Nar’s Arc Destroyer work until you can get a Raka’jax. My PS Druid does quite well in HC Ultimate but you have to kite for the most part.


Anyone else have advise on what secondary classes might be fun to support? Also are there any other awesome ways for me to manage a ranged build with shaman as my primary aside from primal strike 2h?

I’m using a ranged 2-hand Primal Strike build. Going very smoothly so far, normal mobs die in one to two hits. Just reached Blood Grove in Elite.