2H "spear"

But that is not how you hold an axe or a mace either, so… This is not about “spears”, its about axes and maces that use 2h sword animations.

The game has only 1 set of animations for mace/sword/axe, and another set for the 2h variants.

This won’t change, so you are wasting your time complaining about this.

Tbh i see some light in the tunnel since last preview notes
Zantai always said that implementing the appropriate FX color to modifiers would not happen and here we are i cant wait for this on the next patch

Yea, its amazing, can’t wait for it.

The way characters hold 2H weapons other than swords always bugged me. It doesn’t look practical… It would be a nice touch to have them have different animations although I understand that it could be a lot of work considering that you have to take in account WPS animations too.

Thats completely different…

that’s probably it. crate designed the 2h melee animation entirely on 2h sword animation. then crate copied it to 2h axe & 2h mace. i don’t know how much resource, time and difficulty to make new animations, but it seems to be quite difficult, because crate hasn’t added new animations to weapon attack since main game’s release in 2016 (crate does tweak the animations here and there in some patches).

anyway, if crate want to add new animation for 2h spear, they need to add new 2h spear weapon class. complete with spear thrust & stab animations. if crate got some spare resources, 2h axe and 2h mace will also require more sluggish and forceful swing to their animations to separate them from 2h sword animation.

there are no spears in GD…

New weapon animation sets are incredibly expensive to make, the cost of which has only increased with expansions when we added new weapon attack animations for the new masteries.

On top of that, it’s effectively two animation sets since we have two player rigs.

I agree fully with OP in that axes and maces looks really weird. I also fully understand developer’s in their measuring cost vs gain. Personally I would LOVE new animation sets for axes and spears or even a new class centered on spears. But I have no idea how much that would cost in time and money. We have the next best thing though, to be able to Illusion that awesome axe into a sword which looks better.

(thanks for the updated 2h animations btw, they made me finally enjoy 2H builds!)

I really appreciate all the input given on this thread, it made me feel better about this, in the end i’ve just used a nice sword illusion.

You could do a fund raising for updated 2H animations, i would donate for sure.

Extra demands like this in question, can make good use in a DLC with a few more additions in it. I’d like to know how devs would react to this idea and hopefully considered. Eventually, both sides win in the end.

As a paid DLC unlikely since it would probably fracture the community, some players having it, others not, and also probably unable to play with each other due to differences in the game.

Free DLC? Unlikely given the cost of making the animations.

Like this?? I’d love to see one-handed spear in GD, yet I could imagine lots of problem coming up with animation.

A paid DLC for idle animation probably won’t get enough buyers as expect.
Sometimes would result shitstorm on feedback.

From your output, I take it as the engine is not capable of showing the same animation/FXs for every player involved in the session, while only the owner can use utilize?

No idea about the animation fxs, but a paid DLC would I think make the game two different versions so people wouldn’t be able to play together in multiplayer.

My point is if GGG can do it within their engine since they have blooody loads of DLC visual packages on sale, regardless you can still play with the owners of the relevant DLC, without any problem. So how would it not be possible for Crate to accomplish that?

Somewhat ironically perhaps, but the current idle animation is not far off how you actually wield a quarterstaff. You hold it at the end, not in the middle, so you can use the extra reach. Bit weird for a spear, I’ll give you that.

I miss Dark Souls

You’re comparing apples and oranges here man. You really can’t compare the two.