Grim Dawn FAQ - Compilation of Dev Feedback

Table of Contents

Certain questions pop up every now and then, and while Crate has answered them over the years, the replies have been buried in the forums and can be hard to retrieve. But not anymore!

We will extend this compilation as we go along. If you find anything missing or a better quote, please click my avatar to message me.

A note to newcomers and sporadid visitors

We are eager to get your feedback, but if your request falls into any of the below categories, the developers have decided upon this long ago. If starting another thread would make them change their mind, then any of the previous requests would already have achieved that.

On the one hand you might have a legitimate concern though. On the other we have often noticed that people are still in the adoption phase for Grim Dawn and come with expectations from other games, Grim Dawn does not live up to. (And we would rather that you enjoy Grim Dawn for its strengths.) Where do you fall in this spectrum?

From experience we can understand you and assess your request better, if you share with us where you come from - i.e. describe the issue and what frustrates you - instead of asking for a solution in a vacuum. This way we can point you to existing solutions or advise you how we handle things.

A note to our forum regulars

Not everybody will find this thread straight away, so expect that the undying topics will come up as usual. Be a dear and point them to this thread, if the issue is covered here. If you feel like engaging with the user, ask them for anything you miss to understand and help them. Otherwise:

Reading tips

I have aimed for concise and digestible sections, so that the quotes focus on the main point. If you wish you can expand them by clicking their upper corners or go to the thread.

Especially medierra often said much more and shared interesting insights. But some of his oldest posts got deleted and I had to salvage a few of his statements from other threads, where I had quoted him.

If I have linked medea’s posts, then this is because Crate shared some details only via stream, and the only remaining written record are medea’s transcripts. Neither of us is a Crate employee.


Crate Entertainment News

A third Grim Dawn expansion

After years of telling us otherwise…

… they announced Fangs of Asterkarn; additional details were shared in Grim Misadventure #176 - So the New Thing

They might eventually continue the story in Grim Dawn 2
Grim Dawn is on Xbox since December 2021
Legacy updates
Other games Crate has been working on

Their next game Farthest Frontier will be a town builder with optional combat and is done in Unity:

And there are two other projects:

In case you remember talk about a certain standalone game in the GD universe:


Features you might be missing but have been denied / ruled out

Closed Servers
Loot tailored to your current character (aka Smart Loot)
Bows, wands, staffs or any other new weapons
Infinite character progression
Support for single mastery and classless builds
Exclusive skills for each dual-class
WASD control scheme

Need to recover from all what Grim Dawn is not? Have a look at the post-release additions in Crate’s end-of-year reviews.


Design decisions you might disagree with

Limited stash space
Quest markers are only shown, if you are close to your objective
Using nerfs to balance the game
An example, why nerfs are appropriate
Enemy Design, Damage Types, Resistances & Immunities, Resistance Reduction
Too many damage types
Crowd Control skills are not working on bosses
Why unlearning skill and devotion points at the Spirit Guide comes with a fee

Technical stuff

Past, present and future of the GD engine

The Past

TQ = Titan Quest (the game medierra had worked on at Iron Lore Entertainment before he founded Crate Entertainment)

The Present

The Future: License a commercial engine or develop our own?