Miserable loot

don’t put everything in bank, bank is for good stuff only, and you should not have run out of space by lvl 50

items are random and not character weighted, nor will most items only be useful for a specific class even if they have a skill for that class

farm more, kill more, get more items, use Monster Infrequents for easy target farmable usable items to your class

if you don’t care about money you can filter out most items and only search for specific items for you character - probably safe to filter out yellows anyway if you’re lvl 50

OK. I know everything. I am currently playing an occultist with pets. Then I am now curious where I find the right equipment. Here and there I find something. but it is very difficult with this character. was easier with other classes. and without now becoming rude, or ungrateful… I am neither a newcomer to roleplaying, nor am I mentally underbidden, or conceptual. I have a problem in the game and expected someone who understands the problem to respond. someone who doesn’t have this problem or never had it can’t understand. but it is not very helpful for me to get a tutorial instruction from the basic game, or to read who does not have this problem. I expect at least to try to find a solution. because i know it’s possible to play in others. and either the developer tells me, yes you can revise this, or it fails due to various problems. OK! or he informs me that there is no interest in dealing with it at all and you would rather create for the players the already several 100s characters have yet a more centric epicrüstung. dear crateteam, you do a great job that game is otherwise great, but please tell me, can’t you show up here with such problems? are only the endgamebuilds still counting? so sorry now I was a little eaten. thank you for helping mfg yvonne said

That’s not how it works at all. RNG is RNG and anyone that understands the concept of RNG can relate. End of story.

I can tell you without a dev having to tell you that they are beyond bored with hearing about people that have RNG issues. I predict with a high degree of certainty that you will see little change in regards to how GD doles out loot.

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  1. click above link
  2. click on the main damage skill you wanna play
  3. enable only green items at the top
  4. check out the “dropped from …” part for the items
  5. if you don’t know where to find them, click on the mobs and click on “spawn locations” or click on [MAP] if it’s a boss
  6. farm the monsters/bosses that can drop the item you want until you get it
  7. use other gear slots to fix res or gain %dmg
  8. use components to fix remaining holes in your defense or to boost dmg further
  9. ???
  10. faceroll the game

@Yvonne_Said Du kannst Kopfgeld quests machen um deine Reputation bei den einzelnen Fraktionen zu erhöhen, dann bekommst du Zugang zu den besseren Händlern. Die haben unter anderem Items die man so nirgendwo anders finden kann, da ist oft was dabei was einem weiterhilft während man hochlevelt.

Zum Beispiel gibt es bei den Händlern in Coven’s Refuge und Barrowholm diverse Pet items die deinem Okkultist sicherlich was nützen werden.

Hier gibts mehr info dazu:

OK. I see… they don’t want to understand me. all the tips, ruffraktion, droprate, who drops what, etc.pp. I know I’ve been doing rufquest for years. I do every innovation. I just looked again I took 3089 playing hours on the clock and 104 of 185. So I’m not a newcomer! what i mean is that the dropprate has felt since the last patch, for new characters has deteriorated massively. I also realise that the drop to elite and ultimate is significantly better. but you have to get there first. and not everyone has several 100s characters with whom they regularly go farming. that something e.g. sacred2 and torchlight 2 have too much that grim dawn now has too little. my opinion. if you still get me wrong now… I give up!

From the latest patches, the drops have actually increased since there now are more MIs in the game.

You do realize that you can farm with low level chars to get low level items? If I farmed with my level 100 characters, I would not get items suitable for level 20 characters because the required level to use that item would be level 84 or 94.

Perhaps if you watch someone play from the start like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18ORsYH3Xo0&list=PL-7HuL5PyGEJkHC5EoGGKQnl4DMLBYluf you will see that there is no shortage of loot in the beginning of the game for new characters.

I don’t agree with that at all, I start fresh characters all the time and I never had problems finding loot on Normal/Veteran difficulty. If you really can’t find good loot for any character you played after the recent patch, you are just extremely unlucky.
Do you play purely solo self-found? Even then I think the loot drops are quite generous, even more so after the patch that gave magic and rare items a much larger chance to drop with appropriate affixes. That alone made the leveling process much easier compared to before the patch. You just have to know where to farm the items that your build requires, but imo even without farming it’s possible to find good stuff that helps your build.

Noone, and I mean noone, has made more new characters in this game than I. It’s almost exclusively all I play in GD.


I feel certain of that to the bottom of my black little soul. I can tell you without a doubt that, if anything, droprates increased - especially if you have the expansions and access to Monster Totems. There has never been a time in GD where it has been easier to have a character geared well by the time they are levels 20-30. And I mean this from a self-found perspective. Needing nothing from a shared stash.

Naturally, RNG plays a hand, but any person experienced in the game, as you claim to be, should have no issue kitting out a fresh toon in fairly respectable gear by that point. You have multiple avenues at your disposal between regular gameplay, trawling the merchants, crafting, and totems - a mix of using all these methods can nearly always consistently guarantee that your character will be sitting Aces high by the time they are 30 and there-on for a good while.

One area I do not have a lot of experience in is co-op play and I believe I see you say that you play with someone else? If so, then I can’t speak on drop rates in that particular scenario. I would say verify your game files if you haven’t already… and then go from there.

it hasn’t decreased though, so your whole premise is wrong.

To me you sound like you just struggle to create a decent build and blame it on an imagined lack of gear

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Wir versuchen es, aber es ist sehr schwer…

You’re not supposed to farm random drops on normal difficulty and you also don’t need to at all. The green MIs I linked earlier are all you need, heck you could even cruise through normal difficulty naked, especially when you have 3089 hours on the clock.

We can understand what you mean, but it’s objectively wrong. The droprates have either not changed at all or been buffed in the last 2 years (except for loot in normal Shattered Realm).

thanks again for the feedback. I don’t want to have it very easy, nor do I have problems with the build. I also die extremely rarely. Mostly when I’m not careful, mistake of my own. if you all think it’s like that, then it’s supposed to be like that. then I guess I only have big bad luck. but it was always very interesting to read how my problem was addressed. since the own statements are questioned and mutations of one’s own incompetence are carried out. wow I am amazed. many thanks to those who wanted to help seriously. but i won’t bother this forum again!

well, your statements are objectively wrong, so not sure why you would expect them to not be questioned

Since you came here because you had problems due to ‘bad drops’ this only leaves your build as the cause, as we all get the same spread of gear. There is no such thing as bad drops for a prolonged amount of time, it all averages out

The important thing when playing games with random number generators is to never mistake your personal experience and perception with reality. If it was solely for my own experiences playing Diablo II I’d say that the Zod rune doesn’t exist at all because It never dropped for me.

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Your statements need to be questioned because they are wrong. As far as “incompetence” at the game I don’t believe any of us here care much if you are or not. We all play the same game, we all understand how it works to greater and lesser degrees. You aren’t seeing anything in your game that is any different than anything the rest of us have experienced.

Basically, you are asking for some changes to the loot drops - for smart loot essentially, from what I’ve been able to decipher of your earlier posts - and Crate is never going to do that (they have made this clear numerous times over the years). Sorry, it’s just the reality.

Here is some of Crate’s prior responses on the concept of the fad known as “Smart Loot”…

Grim Dawn FAQ - Compilation of Dev Feedback

^Just go here and click the line that reads Loot tailored to your current character (aka Smart Loot)

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OK. this is helpful before. thanks. but i also try another example in the hope that they will understand me. the area behind crownley, normal there are always opponents, this time to the exit nothing, absolutely empty, a garbage heap, that was it. and that happens to me with the character immmer again. in other places. I can sell 98% of the prey I collect. to stage 30, 80% gray, yellow excluded component. all 5 levels is once a green part which I can use. I’ll make a nobler chest. prey: 2 healing drinks 100 iron. with level 25 with countless other characters I have experienced better. I feel like all of you.
only occasionally (I like to test different builds) and lately more often I have such a bad luck character.below I wondered what could be behind it. and believe me… i have waited a very long time until i ask anything at all, because i have already feared that others believe i want to have it easier, have no idea or just want to moan.

Occasionally an area might not spawn enemies at all. This is intended to keep things fresh.

Can you share with us two of your characters so that we can get an idea of what you consider average and poor luck with finding items? Go to https://www.grimtools.com/calc/ and press the two buttons next to Difficulty to upload a char and create a link to share it in your next reply.

Other than that:

See https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335 for this

As soon you reach lvl 10 and choose the second character all loot is contraprodutvive ( for different build ).
Yeah,gets pretty borring.

juhu it goes again. I tried mayas solo masterybuilds. okkultist. so much in addition. I deleted the pitch character. creates a new one. you get a sense of it at some point, if you don’t run. after third times recreate, runs again. now it’s going as I know it. files are otherwise in order;)

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