Miserable loot

Hello, crate. i love grim dawn but is it normal that if you create a new character, that the loot and also the opponents are so small? in places where opponents are otherwise is empty, 85% only yellow loot or something iron and or soak. I cannot permanently change other characters to search for equipment. but some 20 steps with cheap armor rum.In other games the loot is much better. Please, please revise this. I don’t want to be poured with epic stuff, but it should be a little more balanced. so it is now fun-free. it is also different. but that’s probably a coincidence. then you have a character who has 3 bosses at once and a great loot, but this is already some time ago…

My latest 4 characters where self solo found played from scratch. I had 0 problems gearing them up.

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I generally find I get too much good gear, I would rather not get so many rares until later levels.


This is just RNG; sometimes not many foes will spawn, others time there will be more. It’s always been that way. Are you just running the base game or expansions as well?

beide erweiterungen aber keine mods.

also forgotten gods und ashes of malmouth

the last 4 characters I created, since it was always the same. little bosses, little loot and very difficult to find suitable armor and weapons.

Learn about what items you need for that character, use Grim Tools item data base and see where thoses monsters spawn and farm them. The builds here Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions) have explanations for how to build them.

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I don’t want to moan, I also like to play grim dawn, but I just wondered if this is a mistake in the algorithm, or if I just have bad luck with the characters. I also don’t rush through the game, but like to take every corner with me. my goal is not to become 100 and be completely epic, I find it much more interesting to see how the character is to be handled in the level.

If you have Forgotten Gods then you have access to monster totems and they give plenty of loot. Look for these, they show up on the mini-map when there’s one nearby.

Check your loot filter; perhaps it hides most of the dropped stuff.
I can’t confirm that the loot is miserable for a new character.

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It is not a mistake, I am in fact prepared to agree with @benderwaka - it is almost too easy gearing up a character.

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2400 toys do not testify to beginners. I also regularly graze that internet for new builds and ideas. every update I read through exactly. I always take the totems with me. everybody! and that the skilling partly does not match, is ok for me. there are too many possibilities for skilling. I am concerned that you, for example, with the character you are travelling with, almost basically only for other classes what you find, whether you have one like now, who finds only sry crap or not. my friend is almost the same. would be nice if you find something suitable for your own character. that it is somewhat more balanced.

You will find it. If I had 0 problems gearing up, why do you think you have it? Would be better if you tried to be more specific, like what build are you trying to make, what classes, skills, how far have you come? With proper knowledge, it is quite easy to gear characters from scratch in this game.

I am happy for anyone who does not have this problem. my game is up to date. I’m a little greedy and therefore take everything with me, so don’t use the bag filter. I would be interested if I was alone with the problem, and my friend, or if there are more players who have this problem. I don’t want to drop bosse for hours after table, or perfect my character, but only find the right armor every now and then during the normal game. or do I have to delete the char and start a new one, hoping that the algorythm will return to normal?

Okay, well, clearly! I play a soldier, I find e.g. shaman armor, I play an arcanist, I find shadow blade, I play an occult, I find inquisitor equipment, etc.p.p. naked my character does not run around, and my present one occultist, running around with equipment from the bank because I until 20 z.t. with equipment run from the start area rum bin.bis level 50 it has now become very difficult to equip itself reasonably. since the bank is very small, you can not pack everything in there. and woe it comes now to buy one with mods or bank compartment.

Most gear is random drops. Get used to it. Of course you will find more items that supports classes anc skills you DON’T play, it is just simple math.

If you wanna get an amulet with +1 to all soldier skills, you farm Mogara’s Fangs from https://www.grimtools.com/monsterdb/225 located in the jagged wastes. Takes 3 min to get there and kill her and drop chance is about 60%. If you play soldier and use Forcewave as skill, this amulet https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/13976 you can farm from the boss in The Flooded Passage 50% drop chance takes also 3 min to farm that boss.

This is literally the best ARPG I’ve played when it comes to loot. It’s surprising these topics still get made.


don’t put everything in bank, bank is for good stuff only, and you should not have run out of space by lvl 50

items are random and not character weighted, nor will most items only be useful for a specific class even if they have a skill for that class

farm more, kill more, get more items, use Monster Infrequents for easy target farmable usable items to your class

if you don’t care about money you can filter out most items and only search for specific items for you character - probably safe to filter out yellows anyway if you’re lvl 50

OK. I know everything. I am currently playing an occultist with pets. Then I am now curious where I find the right equipment. Here and there I find something. but it is very difficult with this character. was easier with other classes. and without now becoming rude, or ungrateful… I am neither a newcomer to roleplaying, nor am I mentally underbidden, or conceptual. I have a problem in the game and expected someone who understands the problem to respond. someone who doesn’t have this problem or never had it can’t understand. but it is not very helpful for me to get a tutorial instruction from the basic game, or to read who does not have this problem. I expect at least to try to find a solution. because i know it’s possible to play in others. and either the developer tells me, yes you can revise this, or it fails due to various problems. OK! or he informs me that there is no interest in dealing with it at all and you would rather create for the players the already several 100s characters have yet a more centric epicrüstung. dear crateteam, you do a great job that game is otherwise great, but please tell me, can’t you show up here with such problems? are only the endgamebuilds still counting? so sorry now I was a little eaten. thank you for helping mfg yvonne said