Now that the expansion is out - which skills will be nerfed first?

Ok, Im really sorry I didnt want to upset you, but I was thinking that you will be able to conclude that I was thinking on 70 flat dmg added to cadence from mythical R claw, and actual flat pierce added to build, like I explained earlier, my bad.
Work on your math.

I hope it’s not going to be a nerf to Shamans and two-handers because they finally feel powerful and in the right place.

As people already said, Valdun is definitely getting the nerf. That thing is ridiculous with it’s pierce damage.

However, I built my DW Pierce Tactician around Warborn. It’s still strong as fuck. A pity about DW Gun Valdun, though.

Cabalist will receive some nerfs too, I think. The most broken pet build currently on the market.

ITT: Nerf all the new skills and items until everything takes an hour to kill a nemesis. Everyone here’s talking about how some set items are so strong but I doubt how many people will be lucky enough to actually collect the said set items and if they are nerfed to the ground, then the incentive of hunting these items will only diminish to the point where there will be no powerful items/skills, only a varieties of similar damaging different animation skills/items. Not sure why people are so obsessed with nerfing in a single player games, especially for builds that rely heavily on super rare items.

Remember guys, GD sold more than a million copies and solely listening to handful of “hardcore” mass might indirectly harm the silent majority of casual players.

I… pretty much agree with that sentiment.

Then again, as much as I hate the nerf hammer, 2 points:

1.) I vaguely remember Zantai saying something mysterious about “backend” game changes or something during a stream he had to take over. Makes me wonder if GD will get something like an on line storage implementation of some kind (ladder season, multiplay between game versions, ?), in which case, decent nerfing will be a requirement.

2.) It does keep the game from getting overly stale for people to come back to. Changes up the meta.

No amount of nerf will ever truly establish the balanced meta-less atmosphere. There will always be a single build which will fractionally have better DPS and the meta-whores (no offense to anyone) will blindly follow it. If people are willing to ignore the most fun aspect of the game (finding items and building your own builds from scratch) and instead follow others’ footsteps blindly, they deserve to face the consequence, which in this case, the game becoming stale for them.

If your #1 point is true, then while I can understand it but it will simply make GD no longer GD. It will just become another online game with all “balanced” builds and artificial ladder competition. I am afraid at that point, at least I will be leaving GD for good. So, at least for my own sake, I do hope no dedicated ladder or leader-board will ever get implemented.

The backend changes are the new renderer that is now out.

We are not planning any sort of always online components. The game is primarily singleplayer.

A closed multiplayer setup would require fundamental changes to the game engine, not to mention server costs, customer service, upkeep, etc.

It’s a monumental task, and one that would have had to happen early on, not when the game is years old.

That was a relief to hear. Just my personal request, please don’t make all builds/items/skills have same level of “power”. One of the most attractive part of a great ARPG is to farm hard-to-find just-the-right items to make a total broken build. Just having another “balanced” build with all hard works of farming, simply makes the whole item hunting tediously mundane.

You’ll be happy to know then that Zantai has always maintained that builds having the same “balance” power-wise has never been a goal. Nerfing something that is ridiculously overpowered is fair game tho imo.

I can never buy into some peoples ethos that “single-player games” shouldn’t receive nerfs. Bullshit. (not claiming this is your stance by-the-by, just saying ;))

I am perfectly content with necessary nerfs for truly broken builds but it seems people in the thread started arguing over why XYZ item is OP despite being the compare being made in a perfect environment having the rarest gears with best rolls. I am satisfied as long as gear dependent builds are practically more powerful than those that relies mostly on less-rare equipment. I believe an item or a skill should be judged based on an average scenario and not based on the ideal optimal one which is next to impossible to achieve, in a legit way with casual playtime.

Pretty good but not quite on the level of the dw one. :wink:

I suggested Valdun’s 3/4 bonus to be moved to the rifle rather than being open to any weapon type. It also wouldn’t hurt to take down the % Attack Speed granted by Reaver’s Claws, as it seemed all too easy to surpass 190% AS on the build.

The issue with the Pierce Tactician is much less that of skill choices as it is itemization. That said, there could still be things to tune in Inquisitor. Haven’t really pushed it to its maximum overcaps yet.

If you are comparing amount of flat pierce dmg stacked is far above DW one, and that was the point of that post, but if you are comparing in game performances ofc is not on the level of melee DW its 2H ranged :wink:

On other hand if melee DW cadence pierce tactician is on the nerf list already am staying on my previous statement that Zantais nerf hammer will be really busy.

Maybe Im wrong, since I didnt tested it but comparing DW melee pierce tactician with mediocre rr and no dot dmg with this or this I dont see the scenario where pierce tactitian wins in dmg output.

I think you misunderstood me a little. I make no claims about a perfectly balanced game being a pro, just that a game of this nature getting the occasional update in regards to how things work does keep it from getting stale. Everyone’s endurance for a recreation varies a little after you’ve clicked the same things over and over again. For me, after 600 hours of playtime I really appreciate popping in to see what’s new or different when it comes to making the monsters drop loot.

Glad to hear there’s no intention of focusing this game to multiplay.

Loving the new engine btw, Zantai. Very smooth on my machine.

Maybe something like this?

It makes me just a tad salty that these guys hack in these items (BiS mind you), then the devs are on it immediately. Now i get WHY that is healthy, but even as stated by the dev in this very thread, this is a primarily single player game, let the people who want to ruin their fun by playing incredible “ez-mode” builds do exactly that. Even if just for a while. :rolleyes:

Something like that, but change medal to BSoD or take manticore devotion for extra RR. You can find link in my upper post.

Good idea. That not only will improve Life Steal, but also will add more resistance reduction. However, I need the relic for Dual Wield, since I use Direwolf for this. And changing the relic will fuck up my Soldier points.
Changing to Manticore is nice, but that will fuck up my survivability.

Decisions, decisions…

The flamethrower should be nerfed 1st IMO u proc A LOT of stuffs with it since it has xhand weapon damage in it that others spammables dont like Dswarm or AAR… U can bullsh*t ur way through bosses with infinite kiting (I assume that u know how to kite properly) and comboed with Demo means u r practically invincible. Such a broken excuse of a skill that should go down the drench with the silly shaman necro 1-shot everythang in sight build…

If you have to kite bosses it doesn’t sound especially broken.

My experience with FoI is that sheet dps for the skill is heavily inflated but actual dps is fairly lackluster. I’d rather see the line buffed in some capacity and the energy cost reduced.

My dream for this skill is also some sort of “radial burst” transmuter that shoots out flames in various directions on a cooldown, with a total damage amp. Kinda like a napalm-Callidor’s Tempest.

Note to self: any build Ceno plays will be nerfed… :cool: