Now that the expansion is out - which skills will be nerfed first?

Since as usual, some people will find amazing synergies between skills, procs and whatnot, what’s your personal guess which skills will be nerfed to hell and back?

DW Pierce Melee Cadence is going to be nerfed (think only the gear combination Ceno was using but not sure. Could be more)

Granted Ceno hacked his build together to give him all the BIS items for that build but that thing is gonna get the whooping stick for being as broken as it was, just silly to watch him gore through mobs the other night.

Say nothing. He’s an informant.


could u link that build pls

Im not sure of exact build as I watched him play it on stream the day before expac released. Him and Zantai both said that it would be receiving some nerfs. As he was just steam rolling everything. Pretty sure it will be done in hotfix 1.

It was a Inquisitor/Soldier Pierce DW Cadence build using 3 piece Valduun’s Set and 2 of the Mythical Weapons that grant 1 extra target hit on cadence.

I suspect Tactician will get bashed with the nerf stick too. I’m only on veteran atm but I’m clearing it much faster than any other class I’ve tried (i.e. almost all of them).

D/W cadence with pistols is very powerful.

The main culprit is the rather large amount of flat pierce the second set bonus of Mythical Valdun now gives. That definitely needs to be reduced.

All I know, is that I’m playing offline until such a time as I can get a Tactician leveled to where I can enjoy “The Broke”. :cool:

This. Really…SHHHH!

:confused: 34-86 is large and ~217 flat from Inquisitor mastery (with some conversion) is ok?

Aura of Conviction has 38 base flat pierce at level 12. Mythical Valdun second set bonus has between 34 and 86 base flat pierce. Flat damage on items don’t show the increase boost they get from damage modifiers but they still get the boost.

It can reach way more flat pierce than Aura of Conviction.

So? Ranged expertise can reach 102 flat pierce, arcane empowerment can go up to 50 or more,…

But im not surprised Zantai loves pierce dmg :smiley:

Ranged Expertise has 38 base flat pierce at level 10 and that set bonus has nearly double that with no skill point requirement. And Ceno already tested it and came to the conclusion that the set bonus was the major culprit. He did a 400k crit on vanilla, imagine now that with the Crucbile buffs. It can easily do 500k and more in Crucible.

Burning dmg :uuu: Purifier should breack 1 mil dps DoT on dummy =)

I dont want to be rude or anything but you can check this build to see how much pierce you can stack:

And than check this build to see how much flat acid/poison and cold/FB you can stack:

I started fresh and I’m still on normal, but the new ice rune skill on Inquisitor seems pretty damn good to me for a caster build due to its shotgun potential.
It starts with 5 projectiles and gets 3 more with its link (and potentially even more when supermaxed) and they can all hit the same target.

This also makes it great to trigger devotions.
It has some drawbacks (the detonation delay and cooldown), but compared to something like TSS… or actually let’s not since they just aren’t in the same league.

I’m expecting good things from this build.

Cadence has more 140% weapon damage than SS and Deadly Momentum has more flat physical damage than Lethal Assault has flat cold and acid. Plus Cadence can be spammed really fast with high attack speed, while Shadow Strike can’t.

Plus that’s not even Ceno build. It’s a dual wield build with two Mythical Reaver’s Claws which now gives flat pierce and it has a modifier that gives 70 flat pierce to Cadence. Item skill modifiers stack btw.

But now that i look at it, it seems to be more the fault of Mythical Reaver’s Claw than the second set bonus of Mythical Valdun.

SS 720% weapon dmg, Cadence 500% weapon dmg
Lethal assault 124 cold and 124 acid on lvl 22, DM 147-221 phys on lvl 22.

70 flat pierce on cadence is equal to ~14 flat pierce.

But that’s not the thing I was trying to point out, thing is if pierce cadence is already on the nerf list this will be really busy winter for Zantai and his nerf hammer.

No it isn’t. It literally adds 70 flat pierce to Cadence, 140 with two Mythical Reaver’s Claw. Don’t know where you getting 14 from.