After lvl 100 ! Paragon system like or other idea

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First thing in advance sry for my english lol

I would like to give a idea for exp after lvl 100. I think it would be fun to have a paragon lvl like or a reward like ‘‘a la Destiny’’ when you fill the exp bar. Like components and even chest after 5 lvl. (its just a exemple). With that we can continu farming with our favorit char.

Wha do you think? Feel free to write your opinion^^

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This and other ideas have been suggested before, but the devs want your character to be finished and not gaining XP forever and ever once you reach the level cap. There are a few quests that give extra skill/attribute points, but that’s it.

There’s nothing to stop you farming with your characters, they just won’t gain any more levels/XP by doing so.


Go to Grim Dawn FAQ - Compilation of Dev Feedback and see what Crate thinks about this in Infinite character progression.

To be honest, after lv 100 somehow you still use that char for grinding for an extra few hundreds hours, so I think some mini reward every few attempts wont hurt and make more passion.

You did yourself a disfavor by using the word paragon in the title. Crate has always been against paragon system from Diablo.

But the idea a’la Destiny and it’s actually good. It wouldn’t feel like your time is being wasted clearing mobs. Currently, farming endgame in main game is mostly dodging mobs on the way to your target farm. By my estimation, you get more uniques per hour in roguelikes when you dodge hero mobs and get more boss chests per hour that way (because a chance of dropping anything good from a hero is too low). Done in SoT.


A thing i loved about D3 was that you could rack up extra XP by slaying groups of enemies quickly within a small window from hit to hit. Id love to see something like this in GD, but rather than XP, rare crafting mats as rewards like Cthonic Seals and Ugdenblooms. I doubt anything like that will happen, but it would make clearing mobs more relevant and a little more exciting.

no I don’t. Not in GD, not in D3, not anywhere. I would be bored out of my mind if I did that.

I am glad GD has an end instead of forever dangling a carrot in front of you


Yeah. Personally I think hero on Ultimate difficulty should always come in packs of 2 or 3, as well as having slightly higher drop rate on Legendary.

Please not in the main campaign. This is an arcade mechanic.

Well me too (I have over 20 max lv chars), but as I see in our fb group, most common players only have 2-5 chars, or even 1, and sadly they often drop game after slaying ravager/callagan, so minor rewards is a hook for them to keep playing continuously. Your glad, they not.

I always thought the message you get after killing Hero was useless. The xp bonus is so small for the extra time they take to kill.

Who cares about XP?! What you want from slain heroes is reputation and infamy.


Yeah. Much better than the xp reward but the reputation/infamy gain is also a bit too small imo.

Even with Writs / Mandates and Warrants? Or is that an issue, if you skip difficulties?

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From my personal experience, I would say both.

I feel like infamy is the worst, I simply never hit Nemesis in the MC other than for Beasts as I typically go to SR/crucible before it happens. Whether the values are balanced for hero vs bounty I don’t know.

As for reputation. Compared to bounties I think the Hero and Boss reward is too lacklustre I would say.

I just want to say as well, when infamy breaks the various tiers, I don’t notice the difference of “extra spawns” or “extra hero” as it describes. Interesting feature in principle but it feels insignificant and unnoticeable.

Dang! Are you and @idontwannaknow0 replying to my post? Y’all got hung up on that XP aspect, so I just want to clarify since I got the feeling what I wrote was only half read.

Extra XP is what I enjoyed in D3 when slaying large groups fast, I was not saying that extra XP for slaying monsters is something id enjoy in GD.

In GD, what I would enjoy is rare materials for rewards if large enough groups of monsters were slain quickly, particularly Cthonic Seals and/or Ugdenblooms. I dont think that would happen, but I feel it would make slaying large groups of monsters efficiently a lot more relevant and rather than running through them to get to hero/nemesis monsters, players who rushed through mobs before might be more inclined to sweep and clear areas of all the trash mobs since cthonic seals and ugdenblooms have a lot of late game value.

@Res was actually the only one to give good feedback here, and I totally understand that perspective. It does feel kinda arcadey as a mechanic, and not exactly fitting in GD. Furthermore, its a mechanic from D3, which means its just not meant to be in GD. But perhaps more fitting than paragon levels, if were even talking about absorbing anything from D3.

Speaking for myself here, I would never want to see the paragon system here! The way it stands is good!

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they can reply for themselves, I am replying for me :wink:

Also, at this time it is pure speculation that some ‘paragon system’ would result in them sticking around. Sounds more like they were done with the char / game and moved on to me.

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Agreed. It isn’t even necessary for them to stick around, this game has more than enough play time for the generous price imo.

Lastly, the modding community might develop something like this in the future. Who knows.

My take on this would be that it would be great to have greater incentive to slay the mobs you encounter while going for bosses
As it stands they are indeed mostly not worth fighting
Especially heroes imo have lackluster drops, many of them only iron and components

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