'Smart loot' setting for GD (maybe GD2)

Yeah right. Yet another slag the game off post from you, no hints as to how you think it should be improved. Just “Improve this now” :rolleyes:

An easier alternative (?) could be to extend system we get in FG to also include epics and possibly MI rares.
You don’t get 100% what you want (by a bloody long shot), but get better odds with less farmin’.

Also it´s prolly the sucking community, that is the reason behind this not gettin fixed.

You can’t fix something that is not broken. Seriously, what’s up with all this people wanting all the games in the genre to be the same fucking thing? “Add seasons”, “add random maps”, “add smart loot”, come… on… Oh, I have an idea: Why doesn’t Crate make Grim Dawn a MMO cover-based Battle Royale with loot boxes so everyone is happy? There should be a check-list every time someone makes a thread like this.

maybe think about it some more then :wink:

A slightly skewed system in favor of your chosen masteries and/or damage types would be nice and probably welcomed by a great number of players, myself included.

chosen damage types are very little focused on the mastery, add conversion to the mix and it becomes even harder.

If you only add a slight skew, you might as well not do anything as you basically decrease the probability of maybe a third of the items by a little, that is not even truly noticeable.

In the end you’ll never be able to please everyone no matter how carefully you design the system.

very true

We could send you a “You’re Awesome!” card. Maybe that will give you the reward your heart yearns for.

The Legendary blacksmith effectively fills that role already. I don’t think it’s appropriate to do so for MIs.

As for the OP, smart loot is something we had discussed internally in the past, but by that point the loot tables were heavily ingrained within the game.

To incorporate such a system now would not only take major revisions to how loot is distributed on the code end, but we would also have to rip out all the existing loot tables and effectively start over. Such a system would also necessitate some way of marking items as ideal for a particular class or combination, which would mean we would have to review every item in the game (there’s a LOT of items now! :eek:). Yes, some of this could be automated, but there would be exceptions we would have to consider so that smart loot does not invalidate clever/unusual build ideas.

It would certainly have to be different from how say Diablo 3 does it as our itemization is not as simple as Strength is for Barbarians and Barbarian set is for Barbarians.

tl;dr A smart loot system would have to be something we’d have to incorporate from the very beginning in a multi-class game like Grim Dawn, especially if we want to maintain the integrity of creating unusual builds that don’t fit the typical mold of every class.

Ugh, of course they exist, they just give you a random item instead of one for your class.

Why are you even still around, all you do is utter complaints without any constructive feedback. Has your love for GD been so deep that you just cannot let go despite it having soured a long time ago ?

I’ve played this game for 1,000 hours and I have never completed a purple set that requires more than 2 pieces. I haven’t even gotten close to a 3+ piece set for a class/build that I actually have. It can definitely be frustrating. While I wouldn’t advocate for a Diablo 3 style system, I would love some type of endgame system that isn’t crucible spam.

I think forthcoming expansion will make you happy.

To be honest, except for the three new sets we’ve gotten in, I don’t own like 3 sets because shoulder armor doesn’t like me. I haven’t farmed enough since and therefore I have, iirc, only one piece of two of the new sets. But yeah, I get often the same items, like THE FINAL MARCH (I hate this item btw) or legendaries that I already have.

However, I know there are massive plans to fix loot in the next expansion, so therefore I don’t really mind now that I get the same items over and over again.

This was only with my most recent char, whom I started when v1.0.5.0 was in close testing - play time has been about 150 hours. Was I that lucky?

Yes that is what I gathered after spending more time thinking about it. At first I thought it would at least be easy to implement a smart loot that wouldn’t drop items which boosted skills you didn’t have access to. But then I started thinking, depending on where you’re at in your progression, you might actually miss out on a superior item this way. Suppose it’s a set piece that goes with one or two others you found. While the skill buffs may not benefit you at all, the damage types/resistances and skill set bonuses overall could still make it better than the game re-rolling for an item from some other set you haven’t collected other pieces for yet.

It could absolutely be pulled off in a new game for sure, but I question whether it could be done while maintaining the same kind of robust class/mastery system that we have now. I suppose it is possible…you could create code that dynamically analyzes all the player’s skills and equipped gear to make an educated guess at what they’re aiming for. But even that gets complicated when you start throwing damage type conversions into the mix. Seems like it would be pretty difficult to create such a system that would reliably make the correct assumptions about your build.

I’ve made several suggestions/requests elsewhere in this forum that I stand by, but this particular one I’ve been convinced to rescind.

You’re either that lucky or I’m that unlucky. I have plenty of legendary items, TONS of duplicates, but, as I said, I’ve never come close to completing a set that required more than 3 pieces. Happy to screenshot, etc.

You’re just a broken record along with not actually being helpful by not posting actual useful feedback. Just “this needs to be improved” vagueness.

Here’s a tip: go play something else if you don’t like this game because all your constant complaining just makes it sound you don’t. Meanwhile i’m gonna sit on top of the legendary sets i completed without trading (which are a lot) and after that i’m gonna actually play the game instead of bitching in the forum that the loot system isn’t “rewarding”.

I mean yeah a lot of it comes down to RNG and how it wants to treat you really. Case in point with people saying they’ve never completed some sets, which is perfectly believable depending on your playstyle. I myself, on the other hand literally got all the Raddaggans Set in one day with a few hours of play in ultimate, same with the Blood Knight and Rimetongue sets, luck was on my side and it only took a few days for me to complete the sets just farming in the campaign for 2 hours a day.

I think something people need to keep in mind when giving feedback about loot drops is that almost everything about them is subjective and anecdotal and most people, if not everyone who plays, does not have the kind of time to sit down and do 1000 or so runs of an area or boss to get a semi relevant sample size to say if drop rates are as bad as people claim.

Yes loot rewarding is non-existant. Diablo 3 makes it better, Borderlands 2 makes it better. Just because you no lifers like to play all builds possible (and thus gain benefit from any drop), it does not mean it is rewarding.

So lets breakdown the points;
1-For a good end game build 20 items are needed from the huge pool. Thus <0.1&
2- Even it is not assured that a legendary drop will occur. (Crucible is a big failure argument)
3-Some more chance is needed not to get the duplicate
4-And more chance is needed to get the rolls you want.

Yes, very rewarding. Game says, it is sp focused but tradings are on fire.Wow so much SP focus game.

And it is very convincing for the community for a praerot. to say that loot system is ok, who has over 2000 hours and is game tester. It is like a rich person is saying ; money is easy to earn.

Seems like you possibly have something useful to say. Unfortunately you disqualify yourself with insults.

hey zantai, (or any other moder/coder)

in hypothietics,
is it possible, and how involved would it be, to make a filter system
where you can add things like, “cultist”, “marksman”, “aether”, “cold”

and have only items with those keywords show up marked on ground?
not actually affecting drop rates or such

as just something to make it faster than needing to learn all the varous key words
and read tooltips

i assume this would entail a tooltip database, and an automated hide/show toggle
based on the text… and stuff

asking out of curiosity,
as much as i dont understand programming, i still like trying to know how things work

That guy, Serimert…think about this : We , the no lifers, invest our time playing in a game we like. You , the self made man :sunglasses:, invest your time writing on a forum of a game you don’t like. You not really convincing in the role of the busy adult person you know? :grin:

Fine, please go and play these games and stop insulting people that don’t play these such amazing games. Why are you here if not for pure insulting of people.