Grim Misadventure #113: Altered Skill

Damn, that’ll be so good. :slight_smile: Really nice, can’t wait to try these out!

Nice job guys and girls!

I don’t get it. That’s a whole different story. Diablo’s ancient items are just plain better versions of items statwise on the same required level.
Empowered and Mythical Items update the items to the new level so they remain relevant. It would be no difference if they gave them each an individual name but a bit extra work for Crate.

You seem to be a bit Diablo-paranoid, mate. :wink:

Higher level versions of older epics was a commonly requested thing back in the day, because we all have those items that we like, be it for the granted skill, its appearance, etc. Grim Fate is one of my favorite weapons in the game, it has been since they first revealed legendaries and the mythical version is gonna certainly make me want to invest in SoC on my melee pyro who dual wields grim fates at the moment, pure fire/chaos sigil ftw!

Also its not being lazy when the bulk of the playerbase requests that there be updated versions of older items, that’s fulfilling your communities wishes. Yes it’s asset recycling but look at the response so far, for the most part people are happy to see their favorites get more powerful versions, and the hype over skill modifiers.

Speakin of that, mods are gonna be bitchin with this addition to the expac.

I just hope it stays that way. Ancients themselves were a nuisance, but not out and out bad, per se…Primordials were. Mythical Empowered Legendary MI’s would be bad, in a way that, currently, Mythical Legendaries won’t be. We think. Technically we’re only seeing a few of them, so some of them might just be larger stats and maybe a new + skill option.

Admittedly the “appearance” thing isn’t an issue anymore, with Illusionist. And I didn’t say it was lazy. I’m not saying, nor have I said, that Crate is doing anything wrong, I in fact said this seems pretty nice. I’m just hoping there are no mistakes made in the future, because this isn’t actually all that far from D3 going Ancients into Primordials into whatever they call it when they do it again, as they most likely will.

To alleviate your fears pretty thoroughly…I am personally not a fan of Paragon levels and ever stronger versions of the same items at max level (ie. Ancient and Primal Ancient) for the sake of keeping the infinite grind going.

I prefer there to be an end point where you can say “you know what, this character is finished. We’ve reached peak character here.”

Best news !

That’s nice to hear.

TBH it’s gotten to the point I’m starting to feel cursed. Every game I take up seems to drop heftily in quality within a year. D3 did it, POE did it, LOL did it, HS did it…And that’s just counting some of the notable PC games. Don’t even get me started on things like Heroclix. I would rather not have to go find yet ANOTHER new game to play.

so with all the damage type conversions… can we expect matching adjusted animations? like AAR being green if Aether and reddish if Chaos? Or will the animations stay pretty much the same with only numerical changes too damage types?

zantai please fuck you this is so awesome im actually sad :cry::cry:


This looks amazing. I want that grim fate already lol. This will add so much build diversity and fun.

Q1 so not long now

Also, the new items equipped by the showcase character look very nice :stuck_out_tongue:

2 Ravens hnnnnnnng :cool:

Whoa, this is mind-blowing. Curious to see if sets like the Infernal Knight will receive Mythicals and what they’ll be like :p.

:rolleyes: and i thought things cant get any better…

I am throwing my wallet at my display but nobody is giving me the expansion - please, Crate release it already!!:stuck_out_tongue:

What does it mean on will of bysmiel though. It says plus one summon to summon familiar and also plus one summon limit to summon familiar ?

Lol I probably wont have any time for grimdawn for quite simetime, but I sure as hell will enjoy the new updates once i’m able to! Good work devs, and players. Plenty of content coming yay!

Dear Devs, Mythical Venomlash, please, please, please, pretty please
Unless there is something better I can find.

gives you 1 extra summon of a familiar, which limits it to you up too 2 familiar/ravens being summoned at the same time

(hope i explained it correctly)