Grim Misadventure #150: Shattering Expectations

Good! I work in IT and I’m sick of all the “Agile” bull****. Even worse when managers try and apply it to normal processes, rather than keep it to software dev like it was intended. “Sprints”, “stories”, “scrum master” (call them a Project Manager they love it :smiley: ) And “cloud”. Sick of that too, even though in fact a lot of what I do is connected to that. In fact after 20+ years in IT I’m pretty much sick of IT full stop.

Aaanyway…breath. Back on topic. Can’t wait for FG. I lagged buying AOM, and love it. I’d pre-order FG if I could, and I never pre-order. Ever.

First of all, I voiced my opinion, I did not demand anything. It is not up to me nor is it up to you to decide what resources are being used for what purpose. If you don’t feel like you have the right to state your opinion about something, well then that is your problem, not mine. And instead of randomly start insulting people that do say what they don’t like, you might just stick to explaining why you have another opinion, instead of telling people to shut the fk up and move on to another game.

Secondly, I do not like Diablo 3. I do not like the itemization, I do not like the simplicity, I do not like the arcade playstile without real build options. I do not like anything about Diablo 3 other than the graphics and the smooth physics, because thats what Blizzard is good at. And the only reason to play Diablo 3 is because you keep progressing, in the most simple and uninspiring way possible that is…

Thirdly, I never said that it would be easy to implement a progression system. Again, you insulting my intelligence does not help in any possible way.

So, if you don’t mind (carefull, sarcasm), I will play the amazing Arpg Grim Dawn as long as I please, and I will if I absolutely dislike a system that is about to be introduced, say so.

Kind regards, Synn.

That is fine, I don’t like the powerup system, I would like to have the option to turn it of if it happens to find its way into the game as introduced.

A progression system doesn’t have to be global. It could just be bound to the progressive dungeon. Neither would it have to be eternal, even tho I would highly prefer that, but that is nothing but preference. I totally understand the need to finish something rather than having the feeling that you cannot come to an end…

The Devs will decide what they gonna do, I am not a crybaby like you see on the Blizzard Forums, I am ok with them going a different direction on the game…

It’s not quite how you imagine it.

For a long time end game players, min maxers, however you want to call them complained that the Ultimate diffculty is not that dfficult. So many took to crucible to up the challenge.

But crucible is not to everyone’s taste, there is not so much flow in there (aside from monster inflow).

SR is a more challenging environment that is more exciting than the campaign, far more diverse than crucible and the bonuses are just a resource that you choose how to use in this hostile envieronment.

It does not take away from the work you put into your end game char nor is it an endless grind.

I have an idea : Why don’t you guys just wait that sr is released, try it yourself and then get an opinion on it?

Since you registered on the forum to express this concern, I get the impression that this is probably an important issue to you, so let me try to assuage your fears a bit.

In regards to some sort of progression system like Paragon levels from D3, we are personally against such a mechanic as there is no end point to character growth, which we personally feel is not how ARPGs should work.

As for the power up mechanic, we did “put some thought into it”. In fact, we put a lot of thought into it and came away pleased with the result.

When progressing through the Shattered Realm, any character that relies on the Soul buff to progress is going to have a bad time because when (not if) it falls off, their character better be strong enough to withstand what’s being thrown at it. This is because the buff itself is actually very short duration (currently 18s), but you do get more stacks of it from defeating heroes/nemesis bosses. On top of that, any stacks fall off immediately when you progress to the next Chunk, and Souls do not drop on Boss Chunks, so you’ll need to be sufficiently prepared.

The power up is like a short burst of adrenaline where you get to feel like a juggernaut for a little while, and that’s pretty damn fun; it’s also fun to see how long you can keep it going, but I don’t think it’s going to be the deciding factor of how far a character can get.

I imagine once players have the Shattered Realm on farm status, they will know what a Shrine does at a glance based on its color/name, so no fumbling about necessary.

The lever room is not a puzzle, but what you do with the levers will certainly impact what’s ahead!

Perhaps because this forum (and most others for that matter) don’t work that way. People come together on all sorts of forums to exchange comments, ideas, advice and yes, opinions. It wouldn’t be a forum if they didn’t. All opinions are welcome, what is not welcome is sniping at people because they have a different opinion to yours.

That’s really good to know.

The lever room is not a puzzle, but what you do with the levers will certainly impact what’s ahead!

The suspense is killing me!

I am also a bit wary of the power-ups as they seem like something that will be difficult to balance, but I guess I’ll try to reserve judgment until I get my hands on SR. I tend to not enjoy things that augment a character’s power externally. Boss encounters in mmos that I’ve played over the years that are buff-oriented tend to be my least favorite.

“I hope you weren’t too attached to those constellations.”

1/5 of the devotion tree explodes

Thanks for replying. You are correct, I created an account just to say how I think about the powerup system. And yes, this is very important to me, as is Grim Dawn as a game (not going to talk about the very personal reasons on a forum…).

When I said “put some thought into it” I meant into a progression system. What I did not mean to say is that you did not put thought into your powerup system. I love the game, and I do think that you guys do a great job. I was not aware of your point of view concerning progression systems in general, and as there is no point in talking about that topic ever again (for me there is no point anymore, because it sounds pretty damn final…), I’ll accept it as is (still sad about it).

I am very well aware of the fact that the chances of making you consider the implementation of an option to turn off the powerup system is close to non existant, but as I hated those kind of systems in any game that I’ve ever played be4 (arcade, jumpnrun, and so on), I still gonna try…

The questions that come to mind are:

How much work would it be (how many manhours, costs?) to implement an option to turn of the system?

Are the developers able to overcome their pride, meaning would they allow the players that do not want such a system to simply turn it off? Well, pride because of the countless hours that the devs put into such a feature, and because of how satisfied the devs are with the outcome.

Whatever, I tried. I know its not going to happen, so nevermind.

Good day to you all :slight_smile:

No man hours would be required as you can make a mod yourself fairly quickly that would disable the power-up aspect of the souls. Ultimately, the entirety of the Shattered Realm can be modded.

Pride doesn’t really play into decision-making. Any decent designer will make decisions based on what they believe will make a superior experience. Stubbornly sticking to a bad idea because it was yours is a novice mistake. The exception I suppose would be where time/development constraints come into play and development has to wrap up, but that’s an entirely different topic of discussion.

At the end of the day, we create the experience we feel is best for the game we are creating. Sometimes we are wrong, and subsequent patches make changes.

But no matter how we feel about a particular feature, we cannot please everybody. And for that, we include modding tools so players can cater their experience to their own enjoyment. If you want to disable powerups and create a league of extraordinary powerupless gentlemen/ladies, be our guest.

While you’re mentioning mods Zantai, is the Xbox version of the game going to be moddable as well? I know someone asked this in one of the Xbox threads recently and wanted the question asked in the next dev stream, but that’s likely to be a bit frantic for replies.

This sounds really cool, keep up the good work.

Grim Dawn continuing to solidify itself as the best ARPG ever made, in this poster’s humble opinion.

Well, if that’s what it takes to dedicate an Oathkeeper to Ulzuin. Wait, can I pull all the levers?

If you don’t want to make the mod, I’m sure there will be various mods offering all sorts of option changes in SR once it’s out and… Welcome to the forums. :smiley:

This was the loot from just going 3 shards down in 2nd November stream. And no didn’t get the timer bonus as Grava was too busy reading and answering chat questions. Still I don’t think that’s a bad return on his investment loot-wise. Character is L58 btw.

Yeah the loot is quite nice and he got about 20% of a levels worth of experience too. It’s another option for levelling up if one gets bored of questing.

The 5 colors correspond to the 5 constallations Affinities of the devotion system :
Ascendant - Purple
Chaos -Red
Eldritch - Green
Order - Yellow
Primordial - Blue
My guess is it spawns a portal to fight against an incarnation of the constellation.Maybe defeating it could give you a devotion point or an Affinity Bonus of the corresponding constelation.

Activating the corresponding level will deactivate all devotion skill of the corresponding affinity (or only those of this affinity).