Some New Ancient Ranged Weapons

Thinking about if i should make a suggestion about add some kind of Crossbow/Rifle/Pistol that is a lot weaker in physical damage but is a lot stronger in damage over time, making some utility from another thread about blowpipe without adding blowpipe anymore, as that Crossbow/Rifle/Pistol would cover that niche of weak physical damage ranged weapon with strong damage over time weapon plus possible physical damage conversion to other types. Something that builds based on stacking damage over time effects on enemies will be glad to have.

I believe that too.

Repeating Crossbow - Also known as Chinese crossbow/chokonu, should has similar stats as crossbow, with less physical damage dealt per attack but its a 1 handed weapon, on a somewhat different niche than pistols, maybe as fastest ranged weapon in the game as long bow are but with even lower physical damage.

Long bow - Well known worldwide, should has similar stats as crossbow, with less physical damage dealt per attack but more attacks per second, being the fastetst ranged weapon in the game, even faster than rifles are indeed.

Blowpipe - An exotic weapon from Caribean and South American tribes, should has similar stats as crossbow, with less physical damage dealt per attack but applies damage over time on hit.

Feedback needed for more weapons.

Mate, really?

This is like the fourth “Blowpipe/Bow” thread you’re making
If you’re confused then know this that devs don’t respond to every feedback thread but do read them. They don’t even respond to every Bug thread but do read them all

So you’re suggestion has probably been noted from the first thread itself, now its upto them to decide whether they want it in GD or not

As for my opinion on the matter, I like the idea of a Blowpipe type weapon it fits Nightblade theme imo

And as has been said in your previous threads, bows definitely no so just stop asking. I doubt the others will either, but making new threads to keep asking the same old thing won’t help your cause. You’ve made your request, now leave it alone.

There is 0 chance of new weapon types being added to Grim Dawn.

Opening new threads on the same topic every few weeks isn’t going to change that.

none of these are sufficiently different from what we have (stat wise) for them to make sense. A lot of work (animations, items) for nothing.

And you managed to get all your bows/blowpipe weapons threads merged into one. Well done. :smiley:

I had to ask my lady what blowpipe means. Hopefully she knew.

Keep us informed, I need to know as well, for reasons

Come on you two, use your noggin. There’s bound to be a Wiki about it somewhere on the net. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it appear that blowpipe is a tool used by our plumber. She’d seen it once or twice as far as I got it. Nothing impressive, she said.


I don’t trust wiki, I trust my lady.

Those weapons mentioned on thread, i found them on wikipedia. Read these articles.
P.S.: Only read to know what i was thinking about when i did the suggestion. I already know suggestion is not to be supported, i’m only letting you know what kind of weapons were mentioned.

Um, we know what kind of weapons you mentioned. We always did, so did the devs as well I expect. :smiley:

Longbows (actual longbows) don’t make much sense for an ARPG, as IRL they’re essentially man-portable light artillery with arrows that can go clean through a horse. I assume you mean the more compact recurve-style bow, which offers very few advantages compared to the crossbow. There’s a really, really good reason the crossbow was considered a massive upgrade and was so much nastier than the recurve bow and its permutations that many nobles and even a Pope condemned them as horrible unfair killing machines. Multiple reasons, actually. I can list them if you’d like.

Aren’t these the fairy tales the Brits use to scare the foreigners with, a way to make their short pickles look like larger?

Longbow arrows are substantially larger than an arrow for a recurve bow. Not quite a spear or ballista bolt, but they’re pretty long (and the draw length for a longbow is by necessity large - they used special hooked thumbrings to make a proper longbow draw a bit easier). With a bodkin tip I could see a longbow arrow going through a horse (assuming it wasn’t stopped by bone). Proper longbows would be terribly clumsy in the kind of situation Grim Dawn puts you in, too, though the definition of “longbow” varies by where in Europe you are supposedly. English longbow staves were taller than most men at the time (in the neighborhood of 6 feet).

As for fairy tales, there were some circulating about many medieval weapons and armors, to be sure.

Fortunately, all of the horses in Grim Dawn are dead - at least one of them recently - so the absence of longbows to kill them with isn’t a total disaster.

Now, about this bit where you can efficiently swing metal hammers with heads the size of a human torso…

Oh, you were serious.

English longbowmen had the advantage to be the first known well organized light infantry in the middle ages able to strictly obey commands and maneuver on demand, hence the legends around them.
Also Crecy and Poitiers, won by positional advantages and advanced tactics, later used to create the tale of the super bow.
Not that they were superhumans, nor their weapon was a kind of a wunderwaffe.

It’s just a bow, with a slightly heavier draw than majority of recurve bows.
It wasn’t even able to penetrate the quality plate armor, if not fired from point blank, what to speak about going through horses…Often armored as well.
On a side note, there were special “horse arrows” for a reason, and they had nothing in common with bodkin. In addition, bodkin is mostly ineffective against plate armor. Brits used completely different tips, as they proved to be the best penetrators.

Well, point taken. Realism is clearly not the most important thing here. But flavor-wise it seems to me that bows would fit in about as well as atlatls. And the argument about having to make entirely new animations is a pretty solid one.

  1. Bodkin is only really suitable against mail and lesser armors, yes. Plate armor was expensive, and if you saw someone wearing a lot of plate armor (and on a horse wearing such armor) there was a good chance you were better off taking them alive if possible and ransoming the rich bastard back. The mooks wore various sorts of cheaper mail (though good mail could get as costly as plate), jacks and gambesons and such. (Quilted gambesons are actually better than most “leather” garb at protecting the wearer, it turns out.)
  2. I’ve drawn 3 different types of bow: a modern recurve, a compound bow, and a longbow. The longbow was the hardest. The recurve came second in difficulty. The compound was almost effortless and much easier to aim. How much of the difference between the longbow and the recurve was ergonomics I don’t know, but it FELT like a lot more work.
  3. I was actually under the impression that bodkin arrows were enormously widespread in use for militaries because they’re cheaper/simpler to make than most other heads and that pretty much EVERYONE used them.
  4. It didn’t need to be a wonder weapon, it needed to work and it did.