2Handed Melee primal strike

whats the better second class for a character with no gear for 2 handed melee primal strike? Vindicator or conjurer? i dont want warder

Vindicator since a Conjurer would probably be more pet based.

Occultist actually provides support for Lightning Primal Strike-RR from Vulnerability,Attack speed,heal also you can pick Stormcaller for exclusive skill,in Inquisitor you are limited to Censure.

Conjurers are gonna be a lot squishier than Vindicators,though.

So you would suggest vindicator is better for a newer player?

Well, melee Primal Strike is good only with Ultos set as well as with few other specific items, so it isnt for “newer player”, to begin with…

is it not good enough to farm ultimate or challenger crucible with self found gear? what about savagery?

Crucible u need the set itself, for ultimte u need nothing… So if u have time to farm Dungeons everyday 10 times, then u will get ur items, but true u need those specific items to work with it.

+1 for vindicator since u need to put onl 1 skillforrr and in conjurere u need to put 2 skillsfor rr (or passive). Further more u don’t have to spam button to do the rr.

thanks for the help

Vindicator is more versatile (you can do many fun builds with vindicator), but sure one can probably make an ok-ish conjurer around 2H primal strike though will shine most with pets as mentioned.

Challenger crucible you can farm in almost entirely random gear and random gear.

Well, Savagery also requires nice gear, actually…

I think it’s better use ranged PS for leveling & farming with bad gear. Melee one isnt that great without bonuses provided by Ultos set.