4 Build Choice? (tired of dual wielding)

I got tired of my dual wielding blademaster since thats all i played since it started… and the character felt pretty squishy , although it could have been a combination of things. That is not why I am here though .

Warder Tank (1h/shield)
Warder DPS (2h)

Conjurer Summoner (Full Pet build)
Beastmaster Hybrid (Melee/Pet Build)


Honestly, in real life I absolutely love animals to bits, and even in games, where most people get bored from pet classes , I dont mind full on pet builds , but usually it allows me to continue to melee.

I remember reading somewhere that in here it is impossible to go full pet/full melee, and that hybrid pet/melee just suck , which might be a problem because I dont like building my character as a caster so i can use pets properly.

So taking that into consideration, do you think i should just ignore pet classes right now (maybe until mods come out and someone comes out with a new class that focuses more as a beastmaster class and not a summoner.

Or is there a way to make hybrid melee/pet full on melee/pet in this game without being super gimped .


as for the WARDERS im just curious how they stack up vs each other, such as Warder with 2h focusing more on dps or a warder tank focusing more on dewfenses…

I will probably just go with warder 1h/shield as I think it will be the safest for endgame farming and allow me to get op items to make less viable builds work and /or be much easier

Thank you in advance (i sometimes forget to thank or forget about a thread so i am thanking in advance this time.)