4k video watching help

Ok i have a little big problem i cant solve.

I bought Mirilis Splash Player 2.0 some time ago…and so far i cannot get my self to watch movies in other players just cause of that Motion Boost option and ofc the Detail Boost, but the Motion is unique and awsome.

I have 1 problem…so far…i can play only one 4k movie out of all i downoaded.

Name of Movie Torrent : “Thor.Ragnarok.2017.2160p.BluRay.x264.8bit.SDR.DTS-HD.MA.TrueHD.7.1.Atmos-SWTYBLZ”

And that is one of at least 10 Thor Ragnarok 4k versions i have downloaded…and its the only one that works. No other movie 4k can be played…it just plays the audio.

I have monster pc - that is no issue.

BUT - i can play almost any 4k movie in VLC - why ? WHY ???

I want 4k with Motion Boost - that is the next generation of movie watching.

Can anyone solve the 4k riddle ?

For better odds of getting riddle solved, ask on their forums.


(sorry, but you said 4k riddle, and that got me thinking of this.)

I am eager to know if you get a solution to this.