A bloody display - A collection of Bleeding Builds

My pleasure! They are very fun to play and also tanky.

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Added Warlord/Witchblade to viable builds.

Added Death Knight to the builds which have to be tested.

What a bloody display!

Updates made for

  • Witchblade
  • Warlord
  • Trickster
  • Death Knight (Version here will be deleted, new link will be added)

To-do (in this order):

  • Update and testing of Ritualist
  • Working on/testing Bleeding Ranged Warder
  • Update and testing of Druid

I am playing testing bleeding build now. Hopefully when GT is up will post it. New ring, new luck! :wink:

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Bleed builds hmmm… these are… a bloody sight to behold, how tastefully done!! :vampire:

Do you know if feral hunger works with ranged weapons? It says it should but I can’t really see it doing anything on the dummy.

Too tired to make a complete thread (will do it on weekend), but a new Meme-Build was tested (and will be in the future).

Short Teaser:

Bleeding Battlemage


Nothing new here, just corrected a typo.

Yeah Feral Hunger works with ranged two-handers. It fires a glowing red projectile, and it’s single-target.

rhylthar is there any update for warder build, do you know until SR can scale?

You should test it with a good-rolled Farmstead Liberator. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Trying to level a bloody bleeder and mostly wondering wether havin some Cadence and FF around helps leveling in the long run w/some WPS or would Savagery be a better option.

Why would you go Cadence? Savagery+Blade Arc on CD or just one attack+AoE casts like Swarm and Vines should be enough. I will try leveling bleed build (again) perhaps to see how efficient should be.

Mostly +skills I have from gear to Fighting Spirit and given it has some flat Bleeding it sorta gave me something to hit with while filling the Soldier part.
Didn`t bother with Shaman since kinda figured flat damage is better early than rr from Devouring Swarm.

After some tryin with Cadence & Arc did change to Swarm & Vines, way more easy!
And lazy.

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One thing, though…
How should one level star signs?
Any suggestions on that part, since end game build might not be the best way to go…