A bloody display - A collection of Bleeding Builds

Some people said, I am the “Maya of Bleeding Builds”. That´s quite an honor because I am quite impressed with her pet builds although I don´t understand them. :joy:

In this thread, which I could update regularly, I will collect all Bleeding Builds I made and I know of. I can´t go back to all the old builds (some lost in old forum), but if you want me to add something, just say so.

The builds:
For me, the most important one: Bloody Assassin by TZ_Tz
Because of this thread I started to play my Bleeding Trickster. This is the reason for all my builds and thoughts about Bleeding Builds (so blame him, if you don´t like my posts! :wink: )

Bleeding Trickster by Mad_Lee and Shoot2033
Bleeding Trickster by Rhylthar
Both very good builds, different approaches, different intentions. Choose one.

Bleeding Warder by Shoot2033
Absolute beast. Yes, Guillotine got nerfed again, but this build is still strong. “Strong” like in “GRONK-STRONG”!

Bleeding Conjurer (has to be updated to
Easy to play build with insane RR and up to 66 % Physical Resistance (before Ghoul).

Bleeding Archon
Perhaps not as strong as other builds, but quite fun and easy to play. But no EoR…doesn´t help with Bleeding Builds.

Bleeding Ranged Archon by Stupid Dragon
Can´t say anything about it, but when checking Grimtools, it has to work! (Can´t test it because…well, Ranged Builds are not my specialty…)

Bleeding Ritualist
Surprisingly strong. Very good ADctH, very high Crit Percentage.

Bleeding Druid
Don´t know why it works, but it does! Very fluid gameplay, strong in SR. Over 30 % Damage Absorption.

Bleeding Vindicator
Tested it. Well, quelle surprise, standing in Seal with 12/12 Wendigo Totem does the trick. Damage is not going through the roof, but enough to kill fast. SR 65/66 viable.

Bleeding Elementalist
The last one. Easy to play, Flashbang fits well into skill rotation.

Bleeding Warlord
Oh, what a ride. 3 (!) Buttons to push (Mousebuttons included), no Heal outside ADctH and cooldowns. 4 craftable items for massive %-Physique for DA and Cunning Dump. Over 100 % Crit Damage, kills very fast. No kiting, no surrender…just hit everything! SR 65/66 made, further test perhaps another day.
Variant: Frenzied Berserker …a Crucible Setup (devotionwise) without Ghoul for crazy pilots like @John_Smith, @Shoot2033, @ya1, @Superfluff, @sir_spanksalot, etc… and, of course, @Nery, who wished for this build, with even more damage and Crit. Good luck, if you try it. :blush:

Bleeding Witchblade ; Blade Arc spam…have to see, how it works. Edit: It does work.

Bleeding Pet Conjurer by Maya
No clue about Pet Builds but I know Maya a little bit. If it isn´t easy to play and couldn´t kill everything Crate throws at her, she wouldn´t post it.

Bleeding Witch Hunter by Superfluff
Didn´t play it myself but everything seems to be strong on this build. And like Maya: Superfluff wouldn´t post it if it is garbage.

Hybrid Builds:
Some builds may use Bleeding as a second form of damage.

Physical/Bleeding Archon by arcane_undo
Vitality/Bleeding Conjurer by arcane_undo
Vitality/Bleeding Conjurer by Volek

Builds, I am working on.: (rough sketches; any input is appreciated)
Bleeding Deathknight with Cadence and Blade Arc Nuke

Sometimes, I have an idea and try to make a build viable. Sometimes, the whole concept seems to fit, but the results are…not good. Two examples, perhaps someone wants to work on it.

Bleeding Ranged Vindicator
I took up Adoomgod´s challenge and tried to make something with Bloodborer. Well, I suck at playing ranged and this build sucks, too. Flashy FX for a Bleeding Build, sadly, no damage.

Bleeding Dervish
I really thought this might be a build which plays like good ol´ vanilla Trickster: Mobile, High Crit, lots of WPS…well, it doesn´t. It doesn´t survive (had problems to finish campaign (SR 50)), no AoE…absolute fail. If Crate wants to make more Bleeding (Melee) Builds viable with Oathkeeper outside Archon, there have to be buffs for Bleeding to Righteous Fervor or another AA-Replacer like Shard of Beronath (imho).

That´s all for now; if anybody wants things to be added, just tell me.

At last:
Why is this guy so addicted to Bleeding Builds?
Well, when I started Grim Dawn, I had two types of damage in mind: Chaos and Bleeding.
If I had chosen Chaos, this thread might look like this:


These are informations I might have already written in different building threads but I will collect them here.

First thing you have to consider (and I can´t say it often enough): Do you want to level as a Bleeding Build or do you want to switch to Bleeding Damage near the end of leveling? Keep in mind, early in the game (Act 2) there is an area, which is really hard for Bleeding Builds with some enemies with the highest Bleeding Resistances ingame (up to117 % in Old Arkovia) and the bane of all DoT-Builds: Reflection.

If you want to do that (you must be a glutton for punishment like me…), some hints:

  • Start leveling as Shaman. Get Devouring Swarm and Grasping Vines and you are relatively safe. If you want to go Melee, get a point in Dual Blades (Trickster) or wait till Level 22 (Archon) to get the relic which provides the use of two weapons. Use Savagery as LMB.

  • Get Bloodsworn Talisman at Level 22. It gives a nice skill which helps (and you need the relic later for crafting). Use components on your weapons (and armor). Serrated Spikes are cheap and if you can afford, use things like Bloody Whetstone.

  • Use whatever you find on gear. If you read “Gorefeast”…Jackpot. 3 Versions of this axe (23, 58, 82), all great. But there are more of really good epic weapons in game, just look out for bleeding damage. Boris always drops one of his Pit Master´s axes e. g…

  • Don´t give up in Old Arkovia. Yeah, Undeads really suck without a lot of RR but just go through it and go to the next stage. I strongly recommend not to play Step of Torments. You will hate it.

  • If you see items even “Redeemer” or something like that with the “Bloodletter”-Prefix…take it. It´s worth it for leveling.

I always take these devotions, which proccs need leveling, first. So starting with Falcon (with great Falcon Swoop (bind it to Devouring Swarm or Savagery for a shotgun in their face!) to get to Huntress and Rend as soon as possible. Rend is the most important procc you want to have. On the way to Huntress, take Ghoul for Chaos points and perhaps Fox for Eldritch…and then you soon will have enough for Mogdrogen (just some more Ascnedant,like Owl Empty Throne, Wolverine). The rest can wait for later.

As said, use whatever you find and fits you. Boris is always nice (if he´s there) to give you his axes and Cronley might drop a nice ring. On Faction Items, I will only mention those especially for Bleeding Damage, feel free to have a look for other stats you need (OA,DA, Resistances).

  • Devil´s Crossing:
  • Rover´s: Rhowari Grips (Gloves), Rhowari Footpads (Boots), Rhowari Justice (1H-Axe)
  • Homestead:
  • Black Legion: Legion Casque (Helmet), Legion Spaulders (Shoulders), Legion Cuirass (Chest), Legion Slicer (1H-Sword), Legion War Seal (Epic Ring), Legion Mark of Blades (Epic Medal)
  • Kymon´s Chosen: Chosen Crimsonguard (Shield)
  • Order of Death´s Vigil:
  • The Outcast: – , but you want to have the augments later
  • Coven of Ugdenbog: Coven Combatant Casque (Helmet), Coven Warder Spaulders (Shoulders), Coven Warder Chestguard (Chest), Coven Vile Effigy (Epic Off-Hand), Coven Blade Pendant (Epic Amulet), Mark of Lethal Intents (Legendary Medal (Blueprint))
  • Barrowholm: Wendigo Bladed Headguard (Helmet), Wendigo Dread Mask (Helmet), Wendigo Vile Headguard (Helmet), Wendigo Tempered Pauldrons (Shoulders), Wendigo Tempered Cuirass (Chest), Wendigo Warder Waistguard (Belt), Wendigo Cleaver (Epic 1H-Axe), Howl of the Wendigo (Legendary 1H-Mace (Blueprint)), Wendigo Repeater (Epic 1H-Ranged), Wendigo Decapitator (Epic 2H-Axe), Wendigo Defender´s Mark (Epic Medal)
  • Malmouth Resistance: Malmouth Blade Seal (Epic Ring)
  • Cult of Bysmiel: Bysmiel Defender Puldrons (Shoulders), Bysmiel Lethal Waistguard/Girdle (Blueprints), Bloodborer (Legendary 1H-Ranged (Blueprint)), Ateph´s Command (Augment)
  • Cult of Dreeg: Dreeg Protector (Epic Shield), Rancor (Legendary 2H-Sword (Blueprint)), Dreeg Blade Seal (Epic Ring), Mark of the Farseer (Legendary Medal (Blueprint))
  • Cult of Solael: Solael Bloodshroud Mantle (Shoulders), Solael Combatant Spaulders (Shoulders), Bloodrender (Legendary 1H-Sword (Blueprint)), Solael Warhammer (Epic 1H-Mace), Solael Bloodweaver (Epic Scepter), Bloodsurge (Legendary Amulet (Blueprint))

You shoot straight to the heart, huh Rhyltar :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I am really sorry and I really wish, that Chaos would be made more viable in next patch. Believe me, I know excactly how it feels. I played Bleeding Trickster long before Bloodrager´s buff…with 3 - 5 % Physical Resistance and enough RR only when choosing Manticore.

I think, it would be great, if Chaos had something like Bloodrager´s: One size fits all. :slight_smile:

Oh no chaos is painful I know. Still haven’t tried pure bleeding build except Blade arc hybrid. Need to correct it in future. :thinking:


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My Trickster and Archon are updated to
Bleeding Vindicator has been tested and added to list.

Will add Save Files to all my builds.

Added section for Bloody Beginners. :wink:

Added thread-link for Bleeding Vindicator.
Added Grimtools-link to Bleeding Warlord and Frenzied Berserker-Variant.

Thanks for adding the Warlord, looks very cool!

Few questions, did you ever try to fit Ulzaad? Nice armor and physical damage to help you regain back lost health? Also I know you don’t play Crucible a lot, but what’s the key for bleeding builds there?

Sure I had a look at other devotions. But what to sacrifice for it? Most times it is not possible/not worth it.
For Crucible, I can only say what Shoot told me: High Percentage Bleeding with a good duration = Profit. Hit the enemies a few times, move on.

Last Shaman-based Build (Elementalist) is up.

Waiting for possible Crucible results (if Nery can spare the time) for Bleeding Warlord, meanwhile I will test my last build till with Bleeding Witchblade (seems promising).

Since I couldn’t make your character skip waves, decided to copy&paste your gear in my Warlord with unlocked 170. Before go to bed last night, did 1 test run to get accustomed to the build.

I am complete noob, when it comes to bleeding. Never had play with it in end game, so should learn how many times I should hit enemies until move on to next target and which enemies to prioritize since I don’t know their bleeding resistances. For example Alkamos is slow. Usually you leave him Last in 166, here I should attack him early.

Quality- this is without doubt one of the better builds I ever tried. Both offensively and defensively is good. And bleeding have very satisfactory play style.

Anyway my time was exactly 7 minutes. But this night will try it and record video. I am confident with little practice can cut it to around 6:30-6:40 perhaps. I am not Shoot after all :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for your efforts! :partying_face:
Alkamos is indeed a bitch, because he´s one of the few enemies with really high Bleeding Resistance (118).

I am trying to polish the “Sister” of this Warlord, Witchblade. Oddly enough, it feels more squishy than the Warlord, with better defenses. But already cleared SR 66 with it, a comparison in Crucible would be interesting. But till then, I will bring her up to Wave 150 by myself and ask you then. :wink:

Warlord is great class after all. And that divine mandate Crit damage +slow is something else. Something interesting is what’s the fastest run in current patch for Warlord? Cause probably your build have potential to be :thinking:

Btw this build should be able to clear SR75 too.

I am already at 70. Problem is with enemies, which you have to kite a little bit. Grava´Thul, Mad Queen.

Hey Rhyltar, last night made some runs. Unfortunately didn’t catch lucky mutators/Nemesis combo and also didn’t make clean run without pilot errors. So didn’t reach the max potential :frowning_face:

Here’s video 6:46!

Six runs, all successful though. Done 3 runs with Witchblade, fastest was 6:58!

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Thanks therefore. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can’t see it right now but if you have a video of Witchblade it would be superb. I will make threads later this week.

I didn’t have the intention to upload for WB but decided to do it since you’ll make a thread. 6:58 time. Did just 3 runs, all successful. Time can be little better, but I tend to play it safe.

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Perfect! My last 2 builds till, both c+.

Many thanks! :smiley:

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