[] Bleeding Glass Shards 2: The Laceration - 6:15m Crucible no greens Bleeding Trickster [cr+][sr][vid]

It is probably calculated for each tick. Otherwise it would be a broken mechanic.


Tested Gorefeast. 6:30 Crucible run. Overall, damage is on par with two Bloodsongs which kind of surprised me. I think double Bloodsongs are a bit more consistent though due to better AOE and higher OA. QoL is also higher with double Bloodsongs due to +1 to NB.

I assume, it´s only for the hit it is delivered with.

It´s a bit random but if it hits with e. g. Whirling Death this DoT is enhanced. And, because of longer duration, it will tick the whole time till the DoT ends. With this Trickster, it should be 9 sec (300 % longer duration). And, if I remember correctly, you have 4 Attacks/Second with 200 % AS. The next hit with enhancement should be after max. 2.5 seconds.

Hm, Scion has 292 max-damage (Bleeding), epic has 368. That´s much.

Other question(s):
Do you have Energy problems? Because you use Arcane Spark instead of Seal of Annihilation.
What about boots? Final March are great, no doubt, but what about perhaps Windshear Greaves (crafting bonus) or Boneshatter Treads?

I think flat from a weapon applies to damage dealt by that weapon and not as a global flat (or half of a global flat roughly).

No energy problems with Owl, that was a QoL improvement.

I have just had this long boot discussion with none other than @Shoot2033 in Discord. So Boneshatters are a no-no because they give us no relevant resists. Difference between Final March and Windshear comes down to: a little bit more OA, 20% more slow res (assuming we craft Windshear for Slow Res) for Final March versus couple of skill points and proc for Windshear. %Pierce damage on Windshear is off-set by Physique on Final March that gets converted into Cunning. Aether res is a bit better than poison because with Aether res on boots we can use 8/10 armor augments from FG. With poison res we will probably have to use good old 7/7 Mankind’s Vigil.
So at the end I prefer capped Slow res and a bit more OA.

Right to the start:
Do you really need such high Slow Resistance? And I would go for Physique-Craft-Bonus (dumped into Cunning).

And if you don´t need Arcane Spark because of Owl, why not change it (or did I misunderstood you?).

Slow resistance is extremely important in Crucible. For this build I had to cap it and I also had to cap movement speed without procs. I am telling you, old version of this build was dying left and right.

Arcane Spark is needed with Owl, it’s just in previous build versions without Owl I had problems with Mana sometimes (like I had to drink Energy potion once in a while).

Okay, can´t say something about Crucible. And I am no member of the “No green mafia” (no pun intended :wink: ; I am playing with 3 Greens); my Trickster has only 32 % Slow Resistance and survives pretty well in SR.

Well, I don’t have anything against greens. I just think in most cases legendaries are better. And since I am making builds I can’t put specific greens in them just to patch holes in resists or OA/DA because I know how hard it is to obtain a specific monster infrequent.

That’s why I prefer Crucible to SR, for Crucible you have to make a more balanced spec, for SR you can ignore some stuff. Also SR doesn’t really punish deaths unlike Crucible (Shattered Real is also random af).

That´s quite right. But I like to make builds which can deal with this randomness. Won´t be fast in Crucible, but if they can beat 65/66 more or less reliably, it´s okay. :slight_smile:

I agree, to me if build can farm 65-66 more or less consistently, it’s already a great SR build. Anything above is just random e-peen stroking and has to do more with player’s ability and patience and how niche build is.

Yeah, some things work (like Bleeding Ritualist), some others don´t (tried Bleeding Dervish…).

I have to ask Shoot to pilot my Trickster…I am curious. :wink:

He is retired I am afraid :slight_smile:

Thought so. :frowning:

Some Shattered Realm action: a video of SR 65-66 run. I guess it can do SR 70-71, but personally, I wouldn’t bother going there with a Bleeding Trickster.

Honest question:
Why don´t you use some pharma? You play Crucible with 3 Buffs/1 Banner but went to Boss Shards naked. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think I used some potions in some of my SR videos, but honestly, I don’t care too much for Shards. It almost never reflects how good or bad is the build and I just dislike SR altogether. I also believe that using buff potions for guide videos kind of skews the picture. You can use them when you play all you want, but since I want to present my build as it really is, I try and avoid buff potions altogether.

I am only confused about it. Because nobody except Spanks cares about naked Crucible but a lot of people refuse to use potions in other scenarios although they are only something like Ulo´s Blessing. Strange.

Because everybody uses Valinov´s Conjurer(?) for Wildblood Caster. :wink:

I am not sure if it will work well. Kinda small flat Bleeding damage + just a couple of sources for Bleeding. But you can try ofc )

Because Crucible was designed for those buffs. Crucible buffs have been adjusted many times to provide optimal crucible balance. They are a part of it. When you just say “Crucible performance” most of the time you mean 3b/VB (3 blessings without Ulzuin’s and Vanguard Banner). When naked performance is meant, most people add this modifier “naked.” 3b/vb is the norm. Naked is an extra.

Now, why is that? Because in SR you can (usually) pace yourself and take on mobs and bosses one at a time. In crucible you get swarmed from 4 sides. This makes debuffs stack 4 times faster and to levels unseen in main game (unless you leroy jenkins high SR boss rooms but that’s usually suicide). Those buffs provide a counter balance to that. Builds that can do naked 170 comfortably (over 50% consistency with average piloting) are very few.

Now, I don’t mind using pharma in builds. But if you write a guide this should be laid out for the reader, like: listen up, build is fine for 75 but you need to pop that Aetherward when you see Anasteria/Alex because there was no way around that aether res overcap. Or: health is lowly, build performs best with Ugden pharma. Or even put a little “pharma’ed” in the title.

This is important not only for the players but also for the devs who lurk these forums and don’t have all day to read every word. And then they nerf shit undeservedly (like Pyran, imo).

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Well, I am on mobile right now and can’t look up some things but if we talk about late shards (60+) we talk about unnerfed bosses with nearly all abilities and more mutators. So to use potions of resistance seems as exactly as you said for this situations: Designed for this (imho).