[] Bloody Assassin - Dual Wield Bleeding Trickster

#include <coolgrimdawn.h>
~ - Dual Wielding Bleeding Trickster - Brutal/Bloody Assassin ~

Videos :

I give code name Dual Brutallax with “Brutal Assassin”, and Brutallax + Bloodsong with “Bloody Assassin”.

Brutallax has got buffed compared with the old version. It’s now has more Attack Speed.

Vileblood Mantle Bleeding RR was removed on v1.0.0.8.
Full Bloodrager Set seems better (You can easily capped Savagery 26/16 with full set, Bloodrage also nice on mobs)

Devouring Swarm Bleeding RR was reduced on v1.0.0.7 Hotfix 1.
Lvl 16/16 = -40% Bleeding RR, if max it gives -50% Bleeding RR.

Any other weapons that gives Bleed Damage are welcome, example : Empowered Thirsting Maw

Gear using is Full Bloodrager set, or combine with Vileblood Mantle as substitude.

Since this is a G5 Build, for collecting the gear :

Builds in Grim Dawn sometimes depend on our toon’s gear.
Our gear define our builds.

Legendary Gear :

  • One of the ways for collecting gear is via making more toons.
    More and more you have toon that complete ultimate, more legendaries you’ll get.
    Our toon will be granted with sure Legendary on each difficulty completed.

And these one also helps :

You can also check here :

Good roll MI’s pants, Exalted Treads boots are also welcome for easier capping resistances.

  • Of Vitality suffix can increase our HP
  • Of Attack for OA (We need OA, our procs are on Critical Attacks)
  • Of Kings for Stun Resist, also gives +% Total Speed procs
  • etc…
    Components used could be different depend on your available gear.

MI = Monster Infrequents, are a special sub-set of rare items that drop exclusively from specific monsters.

Please check here :


You can use NB CC skills like RoS and Blade Trap if you feel hard when facing crowded mobs.
NB = Nightblade
CC = Crowd Control
RoS = Ring of Steel
Nightblade’s CC Skills is very useful while leveling, especially in early level.

Leveling section --> Please check 2nd post of this thread

Primal Bond or Stormcaller’s Pact?

Primal Bond :

  • gives Damage Absorption
  • increase Bleeding Damage
  • Less damage from Beasts
  • Constitution

Stormcaller’s Pact :

  • Electrocute Damage
  • Crit Damage
  • Lightning Damage

At a glance, it seems Primal Bond is better for Bleeding Damage.
Well, it’s okay Primal Bond as exclusive skills, but we use it in terms of defense.
If we want more damage, we should take Stomcaller’s Pact instead, for it’s Crit Damage. This should be priority for DoTs build.
Remember now DoTs can crit when applied (different with the old version DoTs).
Bleeding Damage is DoT and can do crit damage as long as the duration take effect (Highest Damage will get top priority).
Even Bloodrager full set gives +20% Crit Damage bonus.

For more information, please check here for details --> http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51898[/spoiler]

For medals :

Relic :

Weapon Components :

Amulet and Medal Components :

There are several options for devotion path, you can adjust it for fitting your toon or personal preferences.

We have free last 4 devo skills, it’s up to you, you can add it to :

  • Berserker for more Bleed Damage + Bleeding Reduction + Crit Damage + Pierce Resistance (Require an Axe)
  • Owl for Elemental Resisance and Elemental Damage
  • Blades of Nadaan for Attack Speed (Require a Sword)
  • Spider for Chaos Resistance and Atack Speed/Movement Speed Retaliation
  • Dryad for Poison Resistance + Energy + Posion/Bleeding Reduction
  • Wolverine for more DA
  • Lion for more Health
  • Assassin’s Blade for Bleeding Damage
  • Bat for Bleed Damage + ADctH
  • Ghoul for Life Steal/ADctH
  • Eel for additional Avoid Melee/Projectiles + Movement Speed
  • Sailor’s Guide for Resistances + Movement Speed

Devotion path taken will be included later (I’ll try to update it when I’ve time)

Brutal Assassin (Dual Brutallax)

Grimtools : http://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR8dO2D

Video : https://youtu.be/zi-6_VW99DQ

Reflection sometimes become your Nightmare.
Berserker, Dryad, and Heart of the Wild can help this.
Don’t forget Blade Barrier if you feel you have been ruptured by your own bleeding damage.

This setup has Dryad on Devotion Constellation

Grimtools : http://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j4nxZ9

Video : https://youtu.be/qI-sO0ZH07c

Bloody Assassin (Brutallax + Bloodsong)

Full Bloodrager Set

Grimtools : http://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25bOBV5

Video : Not uploaded yet

Bloodrager Set + Vileblood Mantle

Grimtools : http://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKgGxND

Video : https://youtu.be/WZ7b2ePONkY

#include <coolgrimdawn.h>
~ - Dual Wielding Bleeding Trickster - Bloody Assassin ~

For the Lightning Version, please check here : http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50133

Grim Dawn is one of The Best Game ever !
I used to play Sacred, DotA, WoW, Titan Quest, and wonderful Final Fantasy series.
This GD one is really fun, we have plenty of gears, sets, and cool combinations availabe.
Well, actually Titan Quest also have it, and it more splendid when they made Grim Dawn

Don’t ever think if we got level 85 then it’s over, … Our adventure is begin.
We still have to increase the level of our devotion skills, factions, hunting for MIs, Legendaries, and sometimes we get gear for new different build(s)
We shall see 2 new cool masteries too :slight_smile:
// Rogulike dungeons also waiting for our Hero(s) to save the Cairn
// Let’s ask our family and friends to try this Cool Game

/* =========================================== */

In this build, we use Lightning and Bleeding as our damage from Savagery.
Bleeding is our main / primary damage type.
Execution is one of great skill that support this Assassin
Both of Shaman Exclusive Skills are okay with this build (We choose one)

If we want more defensive and increase our Bleeding damage, we choose Primal Bond.

Stormcaller’s Pact is also good as it boost our Crit Damage (mine up to 91%)

Videos :
Ultimate Fabius (v1.0.0.6 - Stormcaller’s Pact)
Ultimate Mad Queen (v1.0.0.6 - Stormcaller’s Pact)

Ultimate Fabius (v1.0.0.7 - Primal Bond)
Ultimate Fabius (v1.0.0.7 - Stormcaller’s Pact)
Ultimate Mad Queen (v1.0.0.7 - Primal Bond)

Van Aldritch Port Valbury (v1.0.0.7 - Primal Bond)
Survive the Flames of Valbury (v1.0.0.7 - Primal Bond - Unknown Soldier)

Gear :
For gearing we’ll use Bloodrager’s Frenzy Set
I just wanna say “Thank you very much” to GeneralCash, he kindly gave me a Bloodrager’s Cowl, so I’ve complete Bloodrager’s Frenzy set
Thanks also to Our other nice and kind Friends in this forum :slight_smile:

The gear is almost same with this build, feel free to improve the MIs, augments, etc (as you feel it best for your toon)
It slightly different in other setup (dev, skills) compare with Bleeding Warder one.
Since we have Pneumatic Burst and Blade Barrier for our savior of soul, we go more offensive setup in this build
(I made two different devotion setups in case we don’t have the both weapons)

Weapon :
Mainhand – Brutallax - Haunted Steel - Oleron’s Fervor (Black Legion Revered)
Offhand – Bloodsong - Oleron’s Blood - Oleron’s Fervor (Black Legion Revered)

Attributes :
Physique - 70
Cunning - 11
Spirit - 9

You can go for more cunning investment if you want, just make sure you can equip the gear

Skills & Devotion :
This setup require an axe, if we have Brutallax, we can use it
http://grimcalc.com/build/1007-0x6wB1 (Gear + Devotion)
http://grimcalc.com/build/1007-sgEU6N (Base + Devotion)

1 Point Crossroads Ascendant (Purple)
1 Point Crossroads Primordial (Blue)
1 Point Crossroads Chaos (Red)
Chariot of the Death
1 Point Crossroads Order (Yellow)
Refund Hawk
Refund 1 point Jackal
Refund 1 Point Crossroads Chaos (Red)
Refund 1 Point Crossroads Primordial (Blue)
Refund 1 Point Crossroads Order (Yellow)
Refund 1 Point Crossroads Ascendant (Purple)
Berserker (without the buttom one)

As we can see on pictures above, skills bounding :
Falcon Swoop --> Oleron’s Might
Drayd’s Blessing -->Whirling Death
Wayward Soul --> Mogdrogen’s Pact
Giant’s Blood --> Veil of Shadow
Acid Spray --> Shadow Strike
Rend --> Savagery

Please see post below for next devotion setup

As I said in the first post, I make two options of devotion setup in case not all of us have the both weapons.
So if you have Brutallax, you can take the first setup.
When you don’t have Brutallax but Bloodsong, you can take this devotion below.
This alternative setup has more Health and Energy from Scales of Ulcama and Harvestman’s Scythe

Skills & Devotion 2 :
This setup require a sword, if we have Bloodsong, we can use it
http://grimcalc.com/build/1007-cn8m63 (Gear + Devotion)
http://grimcalc.com/build/1007-neYva3 (Base + Devotion)

1 Point Crossroads Ascendant (Purple)
1 Point Crossroads Order (Yellow)
Empty Throne
Blades of Nadaan
1 Point Crossroads Chaos (Red)
Refund 1 Point Crossroads Chaos (Red)
Refund 1 Point Crossroads Ascendant (Purple)
Refund Hawk
Harvestman’s Scythe
Refund Hammer
Refund Eel
Unknown Soldier
Scales of Ulcama (2 Points)

The last two points can go :

  • If we want more offensive, take full Unknown Soldier for Living Shadow and additional CD (Crit Damage)
  • If we want more defensive one, we take Scales of Ulcama for it’s Tip the Scales
  • We can also place the last 2 points into Hawk for OA and CD, or spend it to other Constellations, it’s all up to you

Living Shadow :

Tip the Scales :

Skills Bounding :
Falcon Swoop --> Oleron’s Might
Drayd’s Blessing -->Whirling Death
Rend --> Savagery

For the last 2 points :
if(Unknown Soldier==True)
Living Shadow --> Execution;
else if(Scales of Ulcama==True)
Tip the Scales --> Mogdrogen’s Pact;

Videos :
Ultimate Fabius and Darius Cronley (Scales of Ulcama)
Ultimate Fabius (Unknown Soldier - mine only lvl 2)

Flames of Valbury (Unknown Soldier)

If you feel the two devotion options above is too less defensive, you can choose the devotion setup here

Leveling :
I don’t provide leveling for each 10 level, this is just for early game.
You can respect the skills later for this build.

Grim Dawn is fun game, try experimental skills, devotions, etc, you don’t have to worry since you can respect it later (See Sahdina in Devil’s Crossing).
Just don’t forget to add skill points to mastery tree, we need it for stats, health, and equiping the gear
Skill Points added to mastery tree can’t be refunded, you can only undo it after you put points into it, when you escape the screen, it will be permanent.
Since this build require 50/50 on both mastery, there’s no worry for you to make mistakes. (Still we needs points for skills to make the leveling process easier)

Early Game

  • I suggest you to do it in Veteran mode, it faster and items drop chance is higher than normal one (mobs’ quantity in Veteran mode is better than Normal)

  • If you’re new in Grim Dawn, don’t hesitate to explore the area, open the maps, do the quests, it’s really fun (trust me)

  • Always take down Aether Crystal Cluster (green crystal that shoots the aether beam) for it’s Aether Crystal. It will useful later

  • If you have enough Scrap, just go help Barnabas with the water pump quest to get Additional Bag

  • Always prepare your Tonic of Mending, sell some unused stuff and go buy it on Merchant/Dealer. You also can buy scrap if you have enough iron bit

  • You can change the type of loot (filter it, Common+, Magic+, Rare+, Epic+, Legendary+)

    Sell your unused items if your inventory’s full.
    Change the filter to Magic+, collect and sell items you don’t need for your char (you may save it for your other chars, place it in Smuggler at Devils Crossing)
    For more information : http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15748

  • Blacksmith, get it as soon as you reach the… (spoiler)

Burrwitch Outskirts, speak to Duncan to get the quest
Angrim or Duncan for your Blacksmith?

  • Try your best to complete the Shrines for Devotion skill points
    Here’s the location (Spoiler Location) :

Don’t open it if you want to find the shrines by your own…

Since we will maxed out both mastery, you can take Nightblade or Shaman first in early game.
It depends on your play style.

Nightblade (this class is fun if you like melee ninja style)
If you like trying dual wield early on, take Nightblade with Dual Blades, aim for Pneumatic Burst, Shadow Strike and Execution.
Don’t forget Veil of Shadow and Life Barrier, it will save you a lot.
Try to take Falcon and binds it to Shadow Strike

For Shaman, we can choose Caster style with Storm Totem - Stormcaller’s Pact or go Thunderism with Primal Strike - Stormcaller’s Pact

  • Storm Totem
    Aim for Storm Totem and Stormcaller’s Pact
    Take Wind Devil after you get Stormcaller’s Pact 12/12
    Use Savagery (Left Mouse Button / LMB) and Summon Briarthorn in early game

  • Primal Strike
    Use Two Handed Weapon, 1 point into Thunderous Strike, attached Primal Strike to LMB
    Please don’t maxed out Primal Strike in early game, take your points into Shaman mastery, aim for Stormcaller’s Pact
    Mogdrogen’s Pact for Health and Energy regen (You don’t need to maxed it in early game)

If you face mana problem, use ectoplasm on both rings or medal
It will help for mana regen
You can hunt for ectoplasm from Undead Apparition (ghost) in Spined Cove (or any place with undead ghosts)

There are a lot of skill combinations available in leveling process, these ones just a simple examples for early game.
You may try experimenting other skills in your own or follow other guides in this community

Addition :

  • Bleeding Conjurer is good alternative for this build, it has more Bleeding rr from Devouring Swarm and Curse of Frailty (combine with Rend and Vileblood Mantle, we’ll have a lot of bleeding rr)
  • Devouring Swarm in has only -40% Bleeding Resistance on lvl 16, if we want more Bleeding rr, we can replace the shoulder with Vileblood Mantle.
    Vile Blood proc has -33% Bleeding Resistance (trigger 100% chance on Critical Attack)
  • Bloodrager’s full set bonus is nice for mobs, Vileblood is better for single target one --> http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showpost.php?p=456590&postcount=8
    (Credit to our friend Superfluff)

Looks Nice. Going to try this out asap! I am waiting for skill calculator with and with out + skill, and the devotion Tho. Thanks

Thank you for saving me a bunch of trouble, I’m working on more or less the same setup atm. This build looks like it could be very well positioned in the new patch.

I still think Vileblood shoulders will do more:P

Great build. I also made a dual weild warder but with pit axe and blade arc and use vileblood

Yeah, please post the skills used and Devotions taken, helps the rest of us a lot. :smiley: Also which Devotion skills are attached to ingame skills is also useful.



the set shouder and full bnus is so great, hard to say which one is the best.

Thanks for the build, im thinking about something like that.

Full set is great for mobs. But single target tha debuff from Vileblood is pretty substantial

You went DW with Blade Arc?

Hmm, i tried it and it felt weaker than savagery so i dropped it. Plus with savagery you also have the advantage of WPS procs stacking more DoT to your target

good point :slight_smile:

want to see the build and devotions

Updated :slight_smile:

I also update the 2nd post for alternative devotion setup

Thanks. :slight_smile:

You’re most welcome dear Friends :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:
I prefer Bloodrager full sets to Vileblood since new dungeon has a lot of mobs.
And it has good bonus too (attack speed, crit damage, bleeding damage)

It looks great when dual wield using Blade Arc, I am not fond of it due to mana regen problem.
Perhaps you can share it to us later :wink:

Btw, your Juggernaut reminds me about these words : Defense and Earth
It’s really match :smiley:

Why those gloves? Aren’t “grasp of unchained might” better?

Probably to cap resistances.

To OP: Nice dual wielder :slight_smile: Can you post first character sheet with resistances, OA/DA and stuff?

Thanks JoV,

Yes JoV’s right, it’s for capping resistances.

Here’s the capping resistances that I try to get (Currently I don’t have good MIs for overcapping them)

It’s hard to find good MIs that will balanced them all.
I have tried for long time looking for better Cronley’s, Gollus’ Ring, Exalted Treads, and Guardian sect.
The rng drops and the random status make it hard.

If only we can overcapping the resistance and balance OA/DA with only epic and legendary items (since the status is fix)

If you have better items / MIs / Legendaries, feel free to modify / improve it to make your best build :slight_smile:

When i saw your screen seems that you have split stats between cunning and physique ?

thanks for the build, btw imma new player in GD
so how’s the attribute distribution for the phy,cunning and spirit? and also what class should i take first for the easy start skill gameplay sorry if my english sucks

thanks a lot hehe

Hi, i am a new player too. And i really like yr build. It wi;; be very helpful to me if u can break down the grimcalc for like the first 10 level than 20 level etc… Also the distribution for phy, cunning and spirit.

Hope i am not asking too much. Thanks in advance.:smiley: