[] "Justice will be done..." - Bleeding Vindicator SR 85, Crucible 170 (6:49)


Cairn. A hamlet somewhere at the borders.

"Burn the witch!"

The crowd cheered as the beaten young girl is dragged towards the pyre. Her eyes are full of panic, beyond any understanding what is happening. The whole village gathered to watch the spectacle, to see the “witch” die. Throwing rotten apples and spitting at, they couldn´t wait for the fire.

“Well, what do we have here? A witch? How…interesting.”

All eyes immediately went to the woman who spoke at this moment. But any angry reply by the folk kept sticking in their throats. Tall, clad in Iron Armor, the huge sword firmly strapped to the back, she looked up the towns folk with her cold eyes.

"We will see. I will immediately start an investigation. If there is a witch, there will be justice. If not…there will be questions asked and answers given…by you, my dear people.

An Inquisitor of the Empire has arrived.

The Build

Bleeding_Vindicator.zip (324.6 KB)

Build Explanation

When looking at Inquisitor for Bleeding Builds, there is not much in terms of damage on first look. Sure, Deadly Aim is something to get, but the rest?

My builds have to perform in Main Campaign and SR and for this, Inquisitor has excellent skills. World of Renewal-Line and Seal help to survive and this is all I want from this mastery. And they do this very good.

  • Gear: You don´t need any green items. I don´t think this is BiS, but it does the trick.
  • Devotions: Standard 2H-Melee Bleeding Devotions, but with as much OA as we can get. Therefore Viper and Chariot of the Dead.
  • Gameplay: Very easy. Totem plus Seal plus ADctH from Piercing Damage via Rancor. Win.
  • Stats: Typical Cunning Dump.
  • OA/DA: Nearly 3k/3k. Check. When Deadly Aim is, the party starts.
  • RR: 91…egood enough.
  • AoE: Not much, but the little bit from Grasping Vines is enough.
  • Sustain: A lot of ADctH from Piercing Damage thanks to Rancor. Well…and Totem plus Seal.
  • Resistances: Poison and Pierce…not very good, rest is sufficient.
  • Other details: 58 % Crit Damage is more than just “nice”. :wink:

Update with some more explanations:
Because it was mentioned, that Inquisitor doesn´t really fit here, some points to be considered why it fits very well:

  • every 9 sec Instant Heal via Word of Renewal and Damage Reduction vs. Eldritch (Kaisan) and Chthonics
  • Steel Resolve gives Racial Damage. Combined with Sanctified Bone we have +24% against Chthonics.
  • Seal: Another source of Racial Damage, this time huge. Kaisan, Benn´Jhar and even Aleksander will suffer.
  • some Piercing/Physical Damage (converted to Pierce) for using the 30% ADctH
  • Racial Damage overall: Humans (Belt), Beasts (Huntress and Direwolf Crest), Undead (Revenant and Sanctified Bone) plus the already mentioned.
  • And: Dark One´s Grasp! Wendigo Totem heals for 8%+500. Plus Seal and ADctH.
  • Resistances are quite good, only Bleeding is a bit low. Stun might be a problem, but Trap (very good), Slow (descent) and Freeze (good) really help.
  • RR: Bleeding is obviously very good. 114 RR solves most of the problems (though there aren´t many highly resistant enemies to Bleeding). But not to forget the 45% RR for Piercing, which helps for ADctH!

There are sometimes some Energy Issues. If you don´t like to drink Energy Potions, swap Tainted Heart for Arcane Spark and you will be fine. Perhaps shuffle some Resistances around to maintain Aether overcapped.

Build Performance

I made this build a few months ago, but lost interest in it. When looking at it again last week, I see some changes i could make and…et voilá…SR 65/66 with ease. This is no fast clearing but a very hard to kill build if you know what to do.


(Missed timer by perhaps 10 sec.)
Crucible Video (6:49) by @romanN1

Leveling Guide/Other Bleeding Builds

You can all see it here: A collection of Bleeding Builds

As always: Enjoy your ride through Cairn! :slight_smile:


From Bleeding enthuasist to infamous meme-build fugitive, your wanted posters should be in every meme-build police department by now!

You should try solo-shaman next and then classless Bleeding build!

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I’m still waiting on bleed sorc

As long as my Beehunters can do what I want them to do, everything is fine. And the solo-shaman is already built but has to be tested. :yum:

Next 3 things to do:

  1. See if Warlord can do SR 75.
  2. Polish Bleeding Witchblade
  3. Build up Bleeding Elementalist.

After that is out with a new Bleeding Set. :rofl:

Update to
No kidding. This ist the most tanky build I ever played/made so far. Sadly, Grim Dawn crashed a few seconds ago while breathing through SR 77. Tanking Kuba and Fabius together? No problem at all. With ~2.300 Armor and ~30 % Physical Resistance.

How? Well, Seal plus Wendigo Totem plus Dark One´s Gloves plus Racial Damage against everything plus very good RR/ADctH and Crit.


But beware!
If you get Mad Queen in Shards >70, do yourself a favor…quit. Maybe I am the most stupid pilot in this game (which is possible!) or builds, which have proccs like Massacre/Falcon Sweep do have a problem with her. She heals, she kills…I needed 4 Aether Cluster to just finish SR 72 to get the last Waypoint.


Became greedy in SR 79 when timer was low due to unnecessary deaths and stupid non-boss shards and tried Aleksander and Zantarin together. Not clever. :sweat_smile:

But SR 80…I am satisfied. I would call this a very safe and easy to play build for farming SR 75/76 without problems, as long as Mad Queen doesn´t show up.

bloodrager is an powerfull set nice build but inquisitor is usless pick here for me.

Bloody Rhylthar wants bleeding in every class, so now he has the whole collection. :smile:

Next on the list is bleeding pets…

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Yeah, useless? :rofl:
Only the Seal plus the massive Racial Damage the mastery gives make it possible to literally destroy Kaisan and Benn’Jhar while facetanking them.

Added another Screenshot in starting post and some more explanations why Inquisitor really helps here.
I will wait if @romanN1 has the patience to test this in Crucible (many thanks in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) and then @Stupid_Dragon gets something for the Compendium.

i made 2month ago the same build but soldier + 2h ranged :stuck_out_tongue:

It´s “Build Compendium-ready”.

Thanks to @romanN1 I have a video from Crucible, ~6:49 and seems very safe:

I took my time and brought this build to SR 85 (Screenshot in starting post).

Did I have luck? Sure, no Mad Queen from 80 to 85.
Did I use pharma? You can bet on it. At very latest from SR 82, when Aleksander started one-shotting me, Shattered Cronley did his tricks one me and so on. Aether Cluster, Aetherward Oil, Health Buffs…but still Reaper, Benn´Jhar, Kuba and, to lesser extent, Moosilauke are easy going (Zantarin, too…but double Zantarin is not so funny anymore).

Not bad for a meme-build. :skull::sunglasses:

Nice to see strong sr bleeding build here!

She does not spawn over 80 like Korvaak or Morgoneth, it’s like shattered bosses spawn only after 80 :grinning:

Nothing wrong with it imo, everything over 75-76 is additional challenge so why not use it or shrines if you have troubles? :smile:

Build is not meme at all btw.

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Glad to hear that. Than maybe I will try to go deeper in the future. :smiley:
(Though Aleksander is a real pita, too…but manageable if I didn´t get too frustrated…)

On Pharma:
Yeah, this build is tanky but some extra insurance or help…in shards so deep, I will always do it.

Thank you, really appreciate that from you (which goes much deeper in SR than I do). :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think, this is the most suited build from the bunch from my Bleeding Builds for SR. I brought Trickster and Death Knight to 80, I think Warlord and Witchblade should be capable, too. But not so “easy” as this one.

If I could spare the time in the future, I will perhaps play Main Campaign with this one to open up and try Mogdrogen and Ravager. I think, this build may have a chance to beat them.

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With new waystones it’s possible, hardest bosses like Grava/Kaisan/Kuba/Gargaban/Outcast got lower spawn chance than meme one like benjahr or iron maiden so it’s realistic to have decent combo 5 times in row.

Btw. Did you consider bleeding elementalist? I think mirror + maiven can works well for defense and you have naturally better OA with it so you can bump up DA.

I think that too, Mogdrogen should be very easy, just overcap light resistances into the air, I saw some “classic gd, no components no cheats” warder beating him so you know :sweat_smile:

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I have a Bleeding Elementalist: GRIMTOOLS…have to bring it to 75 first.

But I think, you mean Druid, and Yes, I already have one: Bleeding Druid
Maybe SR 80 possible, with support from Wendigo Totem and Dark One´s Grasp. Though no such defense as Seal.

Only killed Mogdrogen on my Trickster but on Elite. Ravager I made the wrong choice, I took the one with Aether Damage and Fumble (…of Minds?). And Trickster didn´t have enough tankiness/ADctH to beat him.

My mistake, I meant Druid ofcourse, always confusing him with elementalist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In past I’ve killed him with legit unfinished vindicator, under 100 level and no good components, just stacked lightning resistances + ultos amulet, probably every concept can beat him with just stacked resistances.

Ravager with Fumble is “of souls”, I always choose of Minds (hardest meele hitter?), gotta check other archetypes in future because my experience with them is poor, only killed them once with my legit characters to get all helmets for collection.

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Update for

Insane new toy (too good?), so much more damage. I am very very rusted at the moment in playing Grim Dawn but I brought this toon to SR 85 before and now it is even better (tankiness with Totem/Seal). Only played SR 75/76, easy going…

Big thanks again to @romanN1

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