[] War Wizard of Cairn - Bleeding Battlemage SR 75

Some soldiers of in the armies of Cairn dabble with the Arcane, reaching into the Aether. But their art is limited so they use the little they get to enhance their fighting abilities. They are called War Wizards.

The Build

Battlemage.zip (256.7 KB)

Build Explanation

Let´s talk about the definition of a “Meme-Build”:

  1. Take a mastery combination which is not very popular.
  2. Use a damage type nobody would think about (I will, of course!).
  3. Put on a component rarely used.
  4. Use an item which I haver never seen on other builds.
  5. Profit. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is a Blade Arc-reaping build with over a 100 % Critical Hit Modifier with limited RR and usable skills. We took this medal to use War Cry as an AoE (with surprisingly good results) and Bloody Whetstone as a nuke. Not much buttons more to press. Defensively, we have Mirror and Nullification, which really helps against Mad Queen (wouldn´t say it trivializes the encounter, but it´s much easier). 2.700 Armor and 3.000 DA combined with “okayish” Physical Resistance and excellent “3rd Tab-Resistances” let this build survive fairly well.

We don´t have much Bleeding Sources so DoTs don´t stack up so high, but we do a good amount of Physical Damage, so it´s okay.

Rhylthar, be honest…why should I play such a build?
Well, I wouldn´t recommend it as first Bleeding Build played. But it is easy to level, fun to play and performs good. It´s not the best in anything, but neither bad.

For me, my choices become more and more limited. I seriously doubt that there will be massive changes to Bleeding in the future like a new set or something, so since Forgotten Gods I have to work with that what I have ingame. Some things work, some don´t. But we all know: Grimtools is the real endgame. :joy:

Build Performance

Performance in SR is quite good, not always very fast but reliable. Strangely, I have problems with 2 enemies which weren´t so hard before: Kuba (don´t know, what´s the problem sometimes) and Korvaak 2nd Phase…didn´t get him down 2 times because couldn´t kite him in small room and he hits like a truck. But both are manageable when you get the larger arena.

For Crucible…well, I already sent the file to poor @romanN1. :rofl:
I brought it to 150 easily, we will see how it performs when he has time and feels like trying. I don´t expect much; hope it will make it on a regular basis.

Leveling Guide/Other Bleeding Builds

You can all see it here: A collection of Bleeding Builds

As always: Enjoy your ride through Cairn and have fun with Grim Dawn! :slight_smile:

Forgot something:
Many thanks to Grim Dawn Discord Community which always inspires me to try these weird builds. :partying_face:


Does any bleed build NOT use the Bloodrager set?

it have rr…?

crazy result lol good!

no, as it is the only endgame set for bleed

Yes, sadly. :disappointed_relieved:

I could try something with Blood Knight but it is more Vitality…though I could combine it with Galdiator´s Distinction for full Physical and Bleeding. :thinking:
(I think the results will be worse than my Bleeding Death Knight with Bloodrager.)

Nice build! I’m loving meme specs! It lets you unleash creativity! I’m working on a couple meme builds too. Very exciting to be able to explore the non-meta elements of the game!


Thanks! :slight_smile:
It’s very interesting to do the theory in GrimTools and then test it…sometimes with really surprising results like this.

Grats on the build and write-up, Rhylthar!

I give it 9/10, -1 for Windshear Greaves. :scorv:


Sorry for that…what should I use? :joy:

Hm…Grey Magi possibly…:thinking:

I’m partial to any of the boots with a shield - Wyrmscale, Stonetreader, Voidwalker, Runeguard, etc.

I just don’t like Windshear tbh. Think they’re overrated/overused. But I also have a bias toward over-defensiveness in my builds, so the above recommendations probably aren’t optimal either.

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They are the only Bleeding Boots in game. And only since I mentioned to Big Z. that there are none (at that time). :rofl:

True, but you’re walking around with a pretty reasonable uptime (read: 100% uptime) on ~3k% Bleeding (Cunning bonus included) on non-boss SR shards, or boss SR shards with spawns/adds. I dunno if an 84% Bleed stat really makes them shine more than anything else would.

Pure conjecture though.

Nice write up and creative build!

But this proves two things:

  1. SR 75 is normal goal for builds and even bleeding BM with no RR can achieve it.

  2. Bloodrager is top tier set.

To be honest, I took them more for the points in Blindside and the resistances/DA. I want as much Trap Resistance as possible for Benn’Jhar.

And of course: Crafting Bonus. So Grey Magi would be good, too. Would have to shuffle some augments/components though.

Well, there are no Nemesis with high Bleeding Resistance. So about 69 here are enough, though the ticks on e. g. Alkamos are very low.

I should try DW Cadence Blademaster. :yum:

I wonder though which weapons to use?

Only 1 answer: Bloodsong(s).


no bleeding RR from the class…weird…
I would love to see some vid about its performance if possible. thanks

No video from me. You have to hope that @romanN1 makes it from Crucible.

Or I will add the Save-File and you try for yourself. :wink:

Save file will do. thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Added it in first post. :slight_smile: