Help with 2H Gutsmasher physical warder build

Started playing Grim Dawn again a month or so ago after playing very casually some years ago. Trying to optimize for the first time and would like some commentary on my build (obviously building towards Bloodrager):

My main question is: do I have too much life steal? I tried to do some searching but couldn’t figure out what amount might be optimal.

Also - does anyone know how the new Gutsmasher 100% Lightning Damage to Physical to Savagery works - i.e., exactly what lightning damage gets converted?

Much appreciated



you can never have too much life steal, so long as you aren’t gimping other parts of the build.

you really need to fix armor absorbtion.

i would also suggest golemborn greaves.

you could also look at blade arc. I don’t know how good the transmuter is though, so i would get more advice on that

you could go and have a look at Rhylthar bleeding builds, as he makes a lot of bloodrager builds. good luck.

The way conversions like the 100% lightning to physical on gutsmasher work is:

any and all bonuses from the skill passives connected to Savagery apply to the skill first.
Then the lightning damage is converted fully to physical.
Finally, any gear bonuses to damage types will be applied.

So any lightning damage bonuses you receive from gear or passives in the tree not directly related to savagery will not boost your damage. Only physical bonuses will apply from those. However, the lightning bonus on savagery itself will apply to the damage before the conversion, since all bonuses directly related to the skill happen before gear conversions.

It can be a bit confusing, so think of it like this: any passive that actually connects to savagery will apply its bonuses first, it’s considered part of the skill. any passive NOT connected isn’t considered part of the skill, thus won’t apply once the conversion happens. Gear is the same thing. it happens after the conversion, so lightning bonuses won’t apply, since the skill at that point is physical.

Excellent, thanks to both of you. Looks like I can change an augment and add a point to Scars of Battle and be good to go on the armor absorption.