[] Shinobi of Cairn - Phantasmal Bleedblade WH - Gladiator Easy Farm

Long have this select group of bleeders lurked in the shadows, watching BA brutes and suicidal tricksters make a mess of things with no finesse. Now with the new AoM arsenal they have emerged to show their unquestionable effectiveness.

This build was on my mind pre AoM but it didn’t cut it damage wise back then. Now, with gear mods and much improved PB, they are a force to be reckoned with and nigh immortal when used right. With PB always critting a single target and mobs, amazing slow CC via CoF, max run speed and slow resist, this build has superbly consistent bleed damage and the ability to stay alive no mater what. it’s not the highest damage but it’s enough and very consistent (200k-350K in crucilble all the time) with extreme duration. Adding to this, the leveling experience is really fun, fast and simple to attain

[v1.0.4.1]Video: 159-170 Gladiator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4yf09xAL8M The only “threat” vs this build is Grava who is fast and fas ranged burst skills. In the vido he appers 3x at 160-165(with valdaran)-170 and I get burst only once and use BB which is normal for this build. There si room for mistakes and if you don’t lag like i do you’ll forget BB exists.

Devotion binding:
Phantasmal Blades -> Falcon Swoop
Ring of Steel - > Mogdrogen
CoF -> Rend
Blade spirit -> Acid Spray

Pic with Mogdrogen proc up

Build/Gear Explanation:

Why it’s easy to survive :

  • Everything is slow relative to you and you are fast with near 80% slow res(this is very important to acheive). CoF -% slow+ % slow from either Belt/Nightcalw/Timeflux procs are key. Boots can be replaced with very nice Magelord’s Greaves
  • Ridiculous heal. Aside from the natural Pneumatic/BoD heal, Phantasmal Blades Insta Heal you to full hp due to natural skill mod, medal mod, regular % life steal

Why you kill so well and laugh:

  • Consistent 200 - 350K bleed ticks that have superb AoE for Kiting and they last for eeever and ever and ever:
    - PB real duration is 351%. To sum up, you strike once and you strike true

  • You are a kiting king/troll. Just be a bit more unpredictable every 6 secs with Alex around as for Grava make sure you are outside his AoE’s or duck around the corner. Keep your hands on your heals and if you fail or feel like you are suddenly in a bad spot Blade Barrier(4:41 in vid Valdaran trolls me. Being randomly sandwiched between Vald and Grava is a moment you wanna deny:) )


All you need are 3x Ectoplasm to do this

  • Start with ABB and keep it at 6-7 until you get Frenetic throw. Now you can respec for 5 pt PB and put 4-5 into Heart seeker. With this you will lay waste to act 1 at the and of which you bind Falcon Swoop to PB.

  • Now you can put 3-4 pt in CoF as well. After this just go full mastery while dumping 3-4 pt in Pneumatic and 3 CoS. When You reach Blade Spirit slowly max it along with PB (10-11 pt max).

  • When you are done with the above put 1 pt CoS every leveland go for Occult mastery. Put some in Pneuma here and there

  • In Act 3 somewhere you should get Rend bound to CoF (unlock with hawk and Jackal). Now you can start thinking about removing PB transmuter and maxing PB. Precast BS and COF in a fight followed by PB. Cos anything that dares to come near you…profit

Leveling Gear:

Whatever. You can get a Death Effigy for more PB damage or Spectral Arbalest.

Later on you can gear Bloodreaper set if you have, want, by no means a requirement, or you can do all Veteran with Lokarr set.

I recommend Zealot Gauntlets or any yellow gloves with Cast speed affix( often found with vendors) with or without transmuter with restless remains as soon as possible.

Any of the above or combination of, or having none, will mean a fast and fun leveling experience:)

In Closing:

Good hunting;)

Hate to nitpick but your Helm slot not having an illusion is a major DPS loss :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note

  1. Difference b/w Blade Spirit setup and non Blade Spirit setup damage of build?
  2. Pretty sure Tainted Heart > Arcane Spark for your build
  3. I was informed that Nightclaw is pretty shit. Is it BiS?

Interesting build. I’ve been trying to make a Bleed Pure Caster PB Trickster but it kept disappointing me and had to hybridize. So this is pretty helpful
How in fuck’s name did you clear Glad with this thing, what are the ticks on this thing? :eek: (EDIT: Never mind saw it for myself, looks solid)

Bleedbalde? Gadiator? :smiley:

Also no space between ] and Shinobi :rolleyes:

Build looks nice and interesting. Waiting for more info on this.

P.S: I wonder if it is possible to make good dual melee bleed non-Trickster build. Like WH or maybe even Blade Master (sigh, yes I tried it in Vanilla and stoped on Elite once AoM released).

Unsure about AoM but in vanilla the OP of this thread did have some success making a Bleed Blademaster
I never tried it myself though

Gameplay looks fun but tbh I won’t call it easy farming. Needs a great amount of skill to do it properly and I’d probably shit myself a few times.


  • i love the helm look actually

  • Blade spirit is so worth it, AoE Bleeds as you kite, and What else yould you invest in?

  • I had tainted heart, Energy consumption is massive. Spark, Annihilation, Ulzu pact, Revenant 1st node are all relevant and necessary. My first test was ulzu only and I quickly went…oh shit

  • Nightclaw shit? not at all. This is not trickster. I use it for + skills, bleed aoe proc+ consistent %slow added (time flux ain’t always there). I’m pleased with it, it bleeds at range


  • all intended - jk.i wrote this in 15 mins :slight_smile:

@ panda. Surprised at your pesismism:p I did that with horrid lag. A person with a normal machine trolls glad with this build. I run around and cast at shit behind me…super skill :smiley: CoF slow+%slow+80% slow res and max run speed on yourself+ 2x portable heals+PB INSTA heal on cast are more than enough totally toy with cruci. the build is so easy and sneaky it makes me giggle:)

i was asking myself a bit why until i watched the video! :stuck_out_tongue:
must be fun to play, pretty reactive gameplay it seems !
but i dont know how you manage to with such low fps (unless it is the video)

It’s not the video it’s my potato pc. I manage it because i’m used to it, and the build is so damn easy I was quite excited to post it.

It’s now up to the players to try it and understand the build:)…if they like the concept

Dude, still no new machine?

Nevertheless, very nice build and kudos for… everything I guess. :slight_smile:

Nice build, I like it. I was theorycrafting this build in GDtools before, but thought the dps would be too low since WPS on PB was low and damage was split between multiple blades. However looks like the dps is still good!

Also, in the video it looks like you have twin fangs? But don’t see it in the tree? Am I mistaken?

It’s the massacre proc you are seeing. From the relic

That isn’t how pblades works. Every blade deals the full listed damage.

I’m amazed by your ability to make top-tier builds using underappreciated skills, Fluff. I’ve never thought about using RoS as a dps skill. Always thought it won’t have enough damage.

Also, can we talk about Occultist being the better supporting mastery for bleeders compared to Shaman? I mean is CoF (and BoD) really just that strong? I don’t see Trickster competing with this even with the same setup (and savagery setups will most likely be harder cause it’s melee).

Dude, Circle of Slaughter’s Bleed potential has always been solid. I am more surprised by your statement. :eek:

Blade Spirit is the thing that actually baffles me, although to be fair Fluff did mention BS being a good damage source a while ago. I should’ve read the signs:rolleyes:

Wow, so simple and yet so effective. On paper this thing looks like it’s going to be wrecked and overwhelmed after wave 150 so fast that no amount of healing skills will save it. But somehow it works. Great build, playing 150-170 is so frustrating without soldier based or cdr based builds nowadays, you made the least obvious build work. Can’t help but notice that you have huge flat bleeds bonuses on two of the nightblade wps skills and sometimes you do autoattack, yet you didn’t invest in those wps. Are they unnessecary?

Nice Build Fluff !
Like to see some Shinobi Shuriken Ninja Style :smiley:

Would it possible to use Frenetic Throw in term of mana regen/maintenance?
For the rapid shuriken version :slight_smile:

Why not make the tree more like this?


I think it has about same OA, higher DA and solves the energy regen problems. Also gain slow/entrap resist. Can replace arcane spark with tainted heart.

I’m actually more familiar about Blade Spirit’s damage potential than circle, though I was always hesitant to build around it cause I don’t really have a thing for ‘pet’ builds.

I’ll be interested to hear about the mid -> late game transition while you’re accumulating the BiS gear.

I tried the similar Trickster variant a while back sometime between the base game and Crucible release. Leveling was amazingly smooth, but I got too frustrated to overcome gearing wall to thrive in Ultimate so I left it. Blade Spirit was actually my main motivation to try that build and it was definitely useful then.

Shaman seems more tanky on paper due to Wendigo and more HP, CoF is a similar niche to Grasping Vines, and obviously the RR is superior. In addition BoD/AotG + Possession are nothing to snuff at (dat Phys Resist and never worrying about Poison Resist). Plus you get more OA from going Occultist w/BoD. For Trickster to be comparable for bleeding you really need to work in Savagery, but that would mean dropping a few things from Nightblade and swapping gear out so essentially it becomes a different build.