Bleeding damage - inherently limited

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Bleeding damage. A damage of its own kind. I do like the idea of implementing a damage type that´s different to all the rest. But isn´t this difference mainly penalizing? The two features bleeding has, come with vast restrictions in gameplay:

  1. It´s a pure DOT - You cannot leech from your main damage type and always have to rely on the small side-damage (physical) for leeching.
  2. It cannot be converted and - much more important - other damage types cannot be converted into bleeding.

That´s why Bleeding Builds suffer from little life leech, compared to other damage types and - more importantly: Bleeding builds, due to no conversion possible, ALWAYS come down to the same kind of bullds. You cannot try out new things, always have to take the same constellations, always the same items (Bloodrager) - The lack of conversion possibilities forces Bleeding builds to all being the same.

So I understand that nothing will be changed anymore about that. But also maybe I´m wrong and someone can proof the differ? I for myself played 2 bleeding characters, it was fun. But that´s it. Seen it all, nothing different is possible anymore.
What´s your thoughts?

Rhylthar, the Bleed King. :grinning:


rhylthar can make skeletons bleed calcium and ghosts bleed ectoplasm.

edit: almost forgot about rock golems and constructs. rhylthar can make them bleed metal too (or more accurately, crumble).

some random chthonic obsidian creature:
OoOoh Nooes! its rhylthar! quick my fellow obsidian creatures! beat him down before he make us crumble with his bleeding power!


You can get creative with Bleeding Builds. :slight_smile:

Sure, Bloodrager is nearly always 1st choice, but as @arcane_undo said, you can try it differently. The non-conversion sometimes hurts because you are more limited than other damage types, especially at the choice of items.

For Leech:
Bleeding doesn´t leech so try to get some Physical/Piercing Damage to get the Healing there. Or, like I like to play my Trickster, get other sources of Heal. Dryad, Behemoth…works.

Tell me another damage type which does 900k ticks on dummy. @Shoot2033 Warder (slightly modified by me) does such a trick. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I find bleed to be very effective when doing a vitality and bleed caster using Shaman and Occult. When combining skills and devotion I can get more than -120% bleed resistance. which makes bleed damage quite effective.
I suspect that it is this huge potential for negative resistance that limits normal use of bleed damage.

Here’s one I did that is pretty creative in my mind

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Thanks for your replies, very interesting! Indeed there are some concepts new to me. Bloodborer does look interesting. Was always curious about Jaxxon.