Boatman of Styx — Bleeding Warder, CR <6m [g3][sr+][c+][vid]

Many know that tricksters outperforms warder almost in every single aspect. Today i destroy this myth.


Gameplay is quite simple: cast grasping vines for fast clearing trash and use other abilities(swarm, blade arc) on tough enemies. In general, plays much easier than trickster.


Calc (slow resist craft)

==================================STAT PANEL==================================

(Includes all permament and temporary buffs)

(Includes all permament and temporary buffs)

5m 10s1.1.5.2
5m 28s


@mad_lee — for helping to make final version and Russian discord community in general.

_Blood bath 2h (Warder)
_Blood bath (Trickster with scions(best bleeding 1h weapon in


Super impressive shoot. Very good run!
Bloodrager perform equally on every mastery combination it support now. Maybe not blademaster in this patch though.

This get me thinking, is bleed ever viable outside bloodrager set?

Short answer: No.

@ Shoot:
As I told you on Discord: Great job!
Why these rings? Procc is better than the usual Belgothian´s Sigils?

The “On Death”-Proccs are pure gold in Crucible. :wink:

I tried sigils. If you do build with guillotine , you need extremly high amounts OA(this is common warder’s weakness). Also don’t forget RR on one on this rings.(helps on undead and other high resistant enemies)

I didn´t forget RR, but you already had 102 (more than on Trickster). But the OA makes sense.

After the Crit Nerf on Bloodrager, Axes (with Beserker) are quite good in this regard (especially Guillotine).

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So additional bleeding from Forcewave was not needed? Other than that, nice polish on the final build. Could probably drop Ravager’s eye on weapon and maybe craft one item for stun res.

EDIT: Also Heart of the Wild is worth soft-capping imo.

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1.I tested forcewave. I don’t see any difference with or without it.
2.Heart don’t really need to softcap in my case, though if you like, you can softcap though

well maybe find points to softcap Fighting Spirit then. Worth testing imo. Do you really need 12-12 Vines?

Simply i like radius on it(7.5m) + extra bit damage on it i find useful

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I think it´s even better in Crucible than in SR. I use them since Vanilla, great for Rend.
If I had more points on Trickster, I would use 12/12, too.

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What’s this? Impressive build and piloting abilities! And also Guillotine find place in quick Crucible build.

but what about 12-12 Fighting Spirit :cry:

Wow. Last time I did guillotine was before the rager buffs. Wasn’t as good as trickster, but damn the buffs did great. Nice one!

Fighting spirit is essentially similar to deadly aim. I wonder why not many ppl softcap that.

Agree with madlee here, I don’t think there will be much difference when you only one-pointing grasping vines here. Extra oomph from fighting spirit may be more beneficial to your build overall.


@mad_lee @thejabrixone You , guys , right about this moment. This is 5:27 run with softcaped spirit, but you can easily substract 6s on 161 wave(stucked healer)

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Just got me thinking. @mad_lee posted on the 2h feedback thread that about gutsmasher and then gutripper (alongside guillotine) was mentioned as being better than gutsmasher. Seeing as you’re one of the few bleed guys here I assume you tested it as you’re kinda close with lee. How does gutripper do currently?

Also paging @Rhylthar for feedback :slight_smile:

I tested Gutripper a long time ago (AoM?). It was doing “okay”, but I a) prefer melee builds and b) am thinking that Savagery (line) is the better AA for Bleeding than Cadence.

Is this build still up to date or is there a better version of a 2h bleed warder?

For what? Crucible? I think it’s still strong as hell.

Personally, I would change/try a few things, but I only play SR. :wink:

@XCaL i tested this build 2 weeks ago. No significant changes(except some augment changes) and choice between judicator’s seals and new orrissia’s rings. Crucible time +/- as before(even slightly faster)

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