A Challenge

Okay so here we go

I challenge someone to get to S80 in all blue gear. No legendaries or greens allowed. Have at it!

Like the blue idea,but why exactly SR 80?

And I hope someone doesn’t try Baldur Warlord:D

Because i think S75 is too familiar to people now. but okay lets make it an S75 completion!

I think its time we start making some killer blue builds :smiley:

GD stash is allowed

Any relic and components are allowed :smiley:

Btw why you need GD stash for blue items:D

Unless you give yourself infinite skill and devotion points:rolleyes:

I just want to say that my pets concede and have given up on this challenge :cry:

Very hard (won´t say impossible because there is always someone who gets creative) because a lot of blue items lack Physical Resistance (looked up sets).

I think is possible,double seal of might,combined with legplates of valor,final march boots and sailors guide devotion is enough.

Purple relics should be banned too for consistency :stuck_out_tongue:

Why can’t green faction items be used? :confused:

Get Rattosh shrine and everything is fine. :wink:

Cause blue is the warmest color:D

But you have point about relics,65 only should be allowed.

Perdition set looks easy enough for example.

if you give yourself infinite skill and devotion points then how would this be a challenge?

I was kidding.

I think there are at least 3 sets that can give you easy pass at 75 with full blue.Warlord,Paladin and Sentinel will be my class choices for the challenge.

Sadly,currently have no opportunity to play or post builds,when I can someone else will done it,but you definitely peak my interest;)

I think someone with a reputation on these forums should write this challenge up properly but with strict guidelines for what gear can be used. Perhaps blues and greens but only faction greens, no monster infrequents, drops, crafted greens or M1’s. And yeah maybe a the relic too.

I propose an a different Challenge!

Make Single Mastery builds with no more than 2 Greens (with affixes that is), that can complete both Gladiator Crucible 150-170 with blessings/banner under 12 minutes and do SR 76+ with or without Shrines.

Consumables allowed and Dying in SR also allowed.