A Cold (But not really) Pet Hybrid Primal Strike Trickster Build

Hi it is very late at night and this is the first build I’ve ever made and it has been kinda tested (I beat up warden Krieg with no components or augments, it was cool).

GT: Trickster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Thought Process:
I do not like the only Winter king build for 1.19 as it does not use primal strike and I love primal strike. So I try to use primal strike.
The amulet changes primal strike to cold with the right prefix so that’s pretty key
The sword and helmet yield 100% physical to cold conversion (i will ruin this later)
The rings convert acid to elemental, which in some part is cold at the end of the day
BUT they also convert some physical to elemental which is cold in some part so the physical is not 100% cold

I made this business decision since I felt getting more pets would be difficult if I couldn’t use acid (also primal spirit is so cool)
The chest provides an area buff to cold damage so it buffs your pets

Once I chose the chest I saw it gave retaliation and all of these events led me to make an acid retaliation pet build with primal strike and somehow I do a lot of cold damage. I think my devotion could be way better (maybe taking the elemental crown since I do so much elemental damage) and I’m guessing there’s just a lot of beginner’s mistakes littered in the build such as my low stun resist.

Please provide feedback thanks

I haven’t played for a bit, but I used to love hybrids long ago. They are always much weaker than a pure build, and harder to build. So I gave this a shot for old-times fun reflection.

I applaud your attempt to hybrid. I took a quick run at a build that might fit your aim, but it uses occultist instead of nightblade, because you are not getting anything at all extra out of nightblade except for the RR. And RR is not exclusive to NB.

Cold Primal Strike Conjurer with cold pets

Here’s the reasons for why:

  • if you want to do Primal, you need to commit as much as possible, which means skill, weapon speed (iirc primal is AS), %damage bonuses and OA, other wise you are just primal striking for looks.
  • if you want to do pets you also need to commit as much as possible to pet power and not mix damage types = convert to one type as much as possible.

So, the problems I potentially see are:

  • energy regen will probably be too low. Some components may be able to fix this.

  • pets may be too weak, hard to say without testing. Might require some point juggling. Note that the 17/12 ground slam is so that the Briar will pull and tank, but I think that this may not work if the mob is taking too much damage from Primal…so that could be extra points put elsewhere, if that is the case.

  • weapon speed is still pretty lowish.

  • the devotions might have to be adjusted to make up for shortcomings, but I usually try to get a lot of fun procs and you’ll note that most pets have a (converted) proc for fun. Perhaps a real pet expert can figure out an optimal path.

  • character OA seems low, but there are some debuffs in play (vulnerability, eye of korvaak). If needed, pump more into blood of dreeg and/or revise devotions/components.

etc. So there’s some ideas for you to throw around.

Oh, and you might not like the belt. But I think it is worth it for this.

*and it’s been a while and I’m trying to remember, but iirc Torrent (primal strike) doesn’t see conversion from item skill-conversion modifiers. If that is the case, then perhaps 1 point is enough of a commitment, as there isn’t any global conversion for lightning. Those points can go into blood of dreeg and pets.