A couple of questions for soldier

I got to level 100 recently and I’m trying to sort my char out and two things are confusing me, so some advice would be great :slight_smile:

I am using cadence as my main source of damage and just wondering how the deadly momentum works, mainly if it adds flat damage to gear procs and devotions with wep dmg, like targos hammer and olerons wrath relic ?

Also I can’t decide between the 2 soldier exclusive skills. What would be best for damage ? Olerons rage gives some nice percentage increases and offensive ability, but menhirs bulwark adds a lot of flat damage and I heard that’s very important.

Deadly momentum gives flat damage that is added to your weapon damage. Hence works for everything that has weapon damage in it.

ALL sources of flat physical damage will get individual armor checks. Oleron will always make you deal more damage because of this. (note, flat physical damage that you receive FROM converting another damage type do not have armor checks e.g. vitality to physical - no armor checks here)


Thank you for the reply ^^ that’s great to know.

menhirs bulwark only ever if you want/serious lack tankyness, or going retal
otherwise Oleron oa and %boost is hard to beat for phys/pierce related dmg

deadly momentum is a global buff so the bonuses are applied to everything relevant - like Ulvar said flat dmg =%WD skills, the %dmg is then applied to everything with dmg related
(also note that Deadly Momentum is considered a Secondary effect, so the dmg type wont get converted if you have a transmuter for Cadence)

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Damage converted to physical ignores armour?
Is that a fact?

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yup. pretty awesome, and kinda mindblowing the first time you learn it :blush:

Ok. Gotta factor that into my theory crafts.

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ye ,i “suddenly” started making a lot of XYZ converted into phys last year after learning it, makes global conversion pretty awesome, like physical albrechts aether ray and other silly things like physical storm box

Does that include skill transmuters?
Also, where does one find such info? I feel like I should have noticed. Is it the damage processing order placing conversion after armour?

Have a look here


yes includes transmuters, any dmg converted into phys bypass armor,

rando posts you stumble upon on the forum, otherwise people would notice it much more, even tho it’s been known for a long time apparently (myself didn’t learn about it until after like 2k+ hours @_@)

^because it’s specifically not mentioned there :unamused: - which would have been neat
i can’t tell you the exact mechanical reason why it bypass armor(i don’t remember) unsure if it was an oversight left in because balanced around, or if it was just related to the engine, either way “it just does” /shrug