A couple questions about making a tricky projectile aoe skill.

Yesterday I was trying to make a skill kind of like slow time in diablo 3. It does AOE damage over time in an area and has a bubble-like particle system. I want to add a skillbuff to the skill that will buff my character’s total speed while I am standing inside of the bubble-like area of effect.

I tried a template I found called skillsecondary_buffradius, which sounds like it does exactly what I want, but couldn’t get it to work. I see that it’s only implemented in an ‘old’ skill for the arcanist, so didn’t have many examples to work off of. Has anyone had luck with this template or have any other ideas to make this work?

My second question: this bubble skill I’ve made is using the template skill_attackprojectileareaeffect, which means it just kind of appears wherever you cast it. I would actually prefer if it was casted as a projectile and where the projectile lands, the bubble appears. If you have played overwatch, think of zarya’s ultimate ability. She shoots a projectile out of her gun and where it lands there is this black hole nova thing. Is this possible? I was only able to achieve something similar by auto-casting a bubble skill on enemy hit, but it’s not what I want (it doesn’t appear where the projectile lands, it appears on top of an enemy it procs on).

No hope for this skill?

Easiest way to do this is with a pet if i understand correctly. Use attack projectile spawn pet template, have the pet spawned based off the totem so it won’t move. give this pet an aura (use any temp aura for an example and make the duration the same as the pet lifetime), that will be your speed buff. For the time slow (this won’t affect projectile unless the shooter is in range as well), you can try a debuff like veil of shadows. You’ll have to play with the skill config to get it how you like, sometimes the pets are uninterested in casting certain things.

Thanks for this suggestion, I will give it a shot tonight. Im guessing this will still just spawn the pet at the target location without actually throwing a projectile and then spawning the pet when it lands. But that limitation is only slightly annoying for me.

Edit: I just realized that a hero spawns thermite mines exactly how I want the projectile to work, so I think this is a great idea. Thanks again.