A day in Grim Dawn Ultimate started out like this

Log in, first hero killed Legendary dropped.
Second hero killed another legendary.
First chest open another legendary dropped.

It basically just continued to be a really good day in Grim Dawn this day

and day ended with two! of these dropped.


While it can be dark, grim even and dusky roads and no light in sight, hope still lives

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I’m not jealous. I’m not jealous. I’m not jealous…

Played ultimate up to Crown Hill and got a single item upgrade for my Blademaster. RNG god hates me.

…Ok i need to admit that i don’t pray every day and almost never go to RNG church :eek:

since AoM came out I only got 1 upgrade for my main. 1! In 9 days of 4-5 hours of play every day.

I got 8 in roughly the same amount of time… I grind Crucible like no tomorrow though.

My personal record with RNGesus is 2 leg blueprints and 6 legs in a single SOT run :smiley:

I’m farming like there is no tomorrow and i’m starting to drop something BUT i can boast to had a lvl 94 worldeater first boc run i made after expansion was released.

Meanwhile i run through every single nemesis and only gets blues, then 3 legendaries drop, all shrouds of illusions on a summoner.

Feels bad man. :o

I checked that item yesterday on the database, seems like something useful. I wonder if getting it and the set skill would mean you could just drop all skill points from Cadence and use this skill instead for left-click?

I noticed there is a hugely increased drop chance for legendaries, and blueprints. But only on Ultimate. My Blademaster, playing the expansion on Normal/Veteran, finds far less Epics and almost no Legendaries.

That’s what the shared stash is for, put the rest away for other character builds. If only we could further increase the shared stash size - but thanks to the character stash extra tabs, I can at least store items there now.

while I did get a lot of drops, still seal of blade eludes me yet.
took me 1450 hours for belgoritan fury blueprint to drop.
(mainly due to making a lot of new classes and level them up)
Ultimate is the farming zone.

now I just need/want/desire the belgoritan set…Hope for a good day :slight_smile:

For seals recipes just farm routes with trasure troves

A good day indeed.

Does Crucible drop expansion legendaries at the moment ?

It does, the non monster specific ones at least.

Ah, Rolderathis. Should add him on my daily farming route.

I get roughly 1 - 2 legendaries on my route. Fabius, looking for Boris, Solael Guardian, Dreeg Guardian, Burrwitch Gatekeeper, Bysmiel Guardian and Mad Queen. A lot of heroes on the way.

I got only 1 useful legendary for my build. Had to trade for the rest.

The best day was Day 3 after release of the expansion. Fabius was hiding deep in Cronley´s Hideout. So Cronley had to die, too. Gave me a really nice ring!

On my way to Rolderathis, I met 5 Rifthounds(?). Thank you, dear Rifthounds.

dont like to do that but, figure I need to do that :slight_smile:

The only reason to even consider not doing so is deadly momentum, imo. Soldier/Nightblade has so many WPS, and cadence doesn’t provide a weapon damage% boost to them, just to it’s own 3rd strike. Deadly momentum is a pretty big flat damage buff that affects everything else (and some percentages), though. If you’re all in on piercing/bleed instead of phys/trauma I think I definitely would.