A few qol ideas

  1. hard to tell what kind of damage killed you so you can increase that res and not die again so easily

  2. lots of loot will block a big part of the on screen and can be deadly, a state when loot names are only displayed when holding / toggling a key would be great

  3. msg and voice clip of “that skill is not ready” not needed, let us turn it off in settings

  4. put all components into the stash with 1 click

You need to have all resistances overcapped in this game. Otherwise you can analyze Grim Dawn Monster Database and Grim Dawn Monster Database (Shattered Realm) for a particular monster attacks or maybe ask other players.

There’s is a toggle for that called Toggle Hide All Items in keybindings options. For hold I made a script.

Both message and voice clip can be turned off, these are separate options:

  • Interface → Error Messages
  • Audio → Error Voice Messages

There is a button for that actually in the right upper corner of the stash window, under :x:


You should at least look at what the game offers before suggesting the same exact stuff. The onlt thing from your list that’s missing is #1, but I believe Grim Internals has something like that (not sure though, never used it).

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You can’t just stack all res, that makes no sense. Often some damage is rarely used, e.g. no chaos damage early on except for Salazar and if you care about res so much the other stats fall by the road and builds become boring af because it’s high res or no point using the item.

Also, hiding loot is a really bad setting because it makes it virtually impossible to it. This way you WILL overlook loot and miss out. I was too concise, what I mean is something like in Diablo where you hold down a key and then item outlines are shown, not cluttering the screen but you never risk overlooking loot.

The puzzle of getting all your resistances at appropriate level is a key part of Grim Dawn. The game will punish you severely if you don’t do it well. After getting used to it, you can have good resistances together with your favorite items, at least when you get some levels. If you have troubles with this puzzle, make a thread and link your character in Grim Dawn Build Calculator

No such feature in the game. But you can

  • Turn off the visibility Yellow items in Loot Filter as they are not worthwhile to wear / sell

  • Use Grim Internals tool to automatically pick up Green Items for you

    • this way you never have cluttered screen because Greens (when Yellow are hidden) are the most abundant

      • you can sell / check them out later when your inventory fills out
  • I can also offer something like this automatic hiding of items - YouTube (stuff on the ground automatically got hidden when I started fighting those blobs and shown when I killed them (or rather stopped using RMB for 2s or so)

I know there is no such feature in the game, which is why posted it in the ideas and feedback section of the forums.

Also, I am still a point where there is a nice amount of money to be made from yellows, inventory is already so big I have to go to town like once every 1-2 hours so it’s barely an effort, I don’t want to give up on some drops just to avoid screen clutter.

Likewise, occasionally I get literally 10 green / blue items at once, e.g. from a shrine spawning a bunch of minibosses at once so just hiding yellow gear does nothing. And I am on veteran, I guess on later difficulties it will be almost always mostly green / blue / purple gear.

Hell, not showing gear names on the screen unless your cursor is above the item would already go a long way.

PS: much more than the error voice, the “that skill is not ready” text message on screen is annoying and you cannot turn it off. The vast majority of time your character does not use a skill when you press the key it’s because your cd isn’t over and the occasionally glance to your energy bar is always needed anyway so it serves little purpose anyway.

if necessary, making it much smaller and putting it near your health / energy bars makes a lot more sense than the way it is now with big font size in the middle of the screen.

This way you’ll miss out on loot again. Remember that from Diablo.

what are we now, 5/5 of things you can do in the game :sweat_smile:


Well, at least the problem of the item names cluttering rthe screen remains.

Having to go to the menu is way to cumbersome and you are bound to forget it and miss out on loot and with item names always displayed you WILL die pointless deaths (I already died twice cause I couldn’t see enemy attacks properly).

And it’s not like the Diablo version means you miss loot, the point is that it’s a setting where loot names are not shown unless you hold a key, so there is no cluttering and pointless screen blocking but after you killed everything you just hold the key (or toggle on/off) all item names are displayed and you cannot miss any item.

@Ishiirou What menu? There’s a keybind for hiding / showing items.

I try to figure it myself as well what @Ishiirou means, because except the Functionality of “DIablo 3” where you can have Item-Pictures instead of Names (which also is cluttering the screen) GD is pretty same in that regard - plus GD’s also offers Item Filter functionality, where you can set up what kind of Items are shown from rarity to type and such .

You can also easily (exactly like Diablo) hold down ALT to show Item(-Names) if your “always showing items” is toggled off (which was already mentioned that you can set in the keybind settings). Heck it even works with the Item-Filters that it shows you Items you filtered out(when alway showing items is on"). And you have two seperate buttons besides ALT (Y and X i think it was → maybe Z for English Keyboards… )where you can even highlight common and uncommon items…

And if Showing Items / Nameplates is off (or items are filtered out) you see on them on the Ground glowing in their particular rarity color. Try it yourself… toggle “always showing items” off… and drop some items from green, blue and purple rarity and you see them glowing in the exact color.

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