A few Questions about abilities

Hi there, i thought i ask you guys about it rather than looking up video clips of every skill in the game:

is there a ability similar to multishot from D3 Dh, which can be used to proc effects in a really big area of the screen (or simply do damage)?
so far it looks like ranged aoe always triggers around a hit enemy

is there an ability like bloody pox, that self propagates through enemies and that can be used for a strong Dot build? i usually see builds that include bloody pox with massive amounts of active skills, which i find to be a bit of a turn off in builds, where enemies have to be debuffed with 3 different skills before you fire your main dot.

is there a way (maybe a mod) to turn blood of dreeg and similar abilities into a toggle style skill?
i find abilities that have to be activated every 30 seconds to be massive fun vampires, if they are supposed to have a high uptime.
if not, are there dot builds for vit or poison that manage to avoid occultist and its active skills without gimping themselves?

thank you for reading this, i’d really appreciate your help. i keep getting annoyed or bored of most leveling options, so i need to find skills/ builds/ playstyles that are so enticing to play that they get me over that hurdle :undecided:

Phantasmal blades, Primal Strike

Blood of Dreeg etc are also supposed to be heal buttons.

thank you!
oh the healing being the restricting factor makes sense, i wish they could add a modifier that reduces/ removes the healing factor for a longer duration/toggle, to make it similar to vindictive flame etc.

having damage increase coupled with a heal is kinda weird to me, usually you want to pop damage increases early and healing on demand ^^"

But the duration is longer than the cooldown

yes and that makes it work, now that i see it as a heal with bonus dps increase, rather than a dps-increase that doubles as a heal :slight_smile:

and resistance buff, and OA buff… BoD is sickening good