A french hello

Hi guys / Salut les gars ! (In French)

As everybody here i’m a big fan of TQ and i’ve heard about your new project today, so the first thing i had to do was getting my “legendary” pre-order of Grim Dawn to have my name in the credits … (yeah!!)

i wish you guys a really great experience making this new game for us, the “legendary” fans of ARPG, and let us stop having a social life again with this new project

Best regards

au revoir

ps: sorry for my bad english but french schools aren’t so good !

Welcome and thanks for your support.

Speaking of social lives, I don’t have one, so why should you guys! :furious:

We are not socialising here, are we? :wink:

No. It doesn’t count.

What a relief … thought we were doing something wrong for a moment.

Welcome and good to see you here.

The French community was important for TQ as well, so it will be good when the word spreads throughout France for GD.

(writing from Toulouse!)

Hello Crate fellows,

another hello from a big french fan of Titan quest work.

I hope things will go smoothly for you on this project and will definitely look for the result ^^

Welcome Elethor!

Welcome Sebbu and Elethor. :slight_smile:

Looks like the employee is doing all the greeting works lol!

This morning i wake up and my phone tells me that i have mails ok

the usual advertising mails and wow a mail from you, the grim dawn team, wishing me an happy birthday !

that’s really a good day ! A birthday wish from an excellent team thank you and have fun making this futur great game for us
the old fans of TQ

Heh, nice. Congrats!

hi and welcome and enjoy your stay